Friday, 22 February 2013

Hawaii Cont

Eeekk yes i am quite behind arent i? This obviously feels like a million years ago. 

So where has i?

Ah yes midway through our 5 days in Hawaii we met up with my old school friend, yes i know weird right, even more weird is that she now lives in Australia and i hadnt seen her for about 10 years!

So this is obvs me and he all dressed up

And me and lovely Liz, it was great to catch up, so funny as she has a funny auzzie accent yet shes only been there maybe 7 years, i think her new hubby was a bit surprised with my accent and that Liz used to talk like me. But by the end of the night she was starting to sound much more like the norther soul i know she is lol 

So the next day we got the trolley over to the 'mall' and even though it was only early we went to Bubba Gump! We had been to one of these when we were in Florida and they are great.

Rob sporting his new hawaii top

I had shrimp (naturally) and lots of it. 

yes it was as good as it looks

In the afternoon we had a hike planned, which having had so much shrimp we werent much in the mood for. 

naturally this has got to be done hasnt it lol 

i also went to Walmart while i was near the Mall and stocked up on a bit of yarn. 

Now we didnt quite know what the hike would involve really, didnt know how much hiking was involved, we drove around several hotels picking up the other guests, we had the most enthusiastic guide like ever!

We drove high into the mountains

Oh man how long does my wedding nails manicure feel? a million this is obviously a pic of the random gorgeous flower. 

So off we went into the well Jungle.

We were in our hiking gear or what we could manage from our suitcases. 

Seriously how pretty is this place?

We were all given giant sticks to help us walk, and i would not have made this hike without it, ah look I'm all happy at the beginning, safe to say i wasnt this happy all the way round lol. 

so this is me attempting to get up the 'steps' yes they are tree branches 

It wasnt actually as dark as this but some parts were crazy covered. 

i walked in the mud coz these steps were too slippery, last thing i wanted was a broken leg. 

ah yes the steps. 

and then we finally made it to the top. 

we were horribly hot by this point but very happy to have made it to the top. 

I think the hike was much harder than both of us thought it was going to be, and certainly harder than the crazy woman in her flip flops, like seriously! 

Hurray i did it! 

so these are some of the trees, so you are like yeah thats a big tree, but then rob said you need some perspective in that photo.

can you spot him? so yes very big tree.

Tonight was our last night so we got our Hawaii clothes on and headed out even though we were crazy tired. I have never walked so much in all my life as i had on this honeymoon and we hadnt even got to San Fran yet. 

this is the little trolley that goes around the island. 

We headed to a local pizza place for dinner as we didnt fancy much after our giant Bubba Gump. 

Our hike tour guide had told us about a band she likes that were playing that night, we were in the restaurant below the bar, we were so sleepy we very nearly didnt go but we pushed through as it was our last night and im so glad we did, they were awesome. 

They did a couple of our song dedications which was great and we had a drink with out tour guide Makenzie which was great, such a lovely end to our trip. Oh got distracted there listening to the music. 

We had a little walk back to our giant hotel and completely crashed. 

We were getting picked up mid morning so headed out for breakfast. 

Even now i get a kick out of seeing rob wearing his wedding ring. 

I think we are in Dennys here, rob had something gross looking, i think it was deep fried banana or something. I know i couldnt eat whatever i got coz i had a milkshake too and thought i was gonna pop. 

we walked down for a last trip to the beach and did a little writing in the sand. 

final pic of our gorgeous hotel. 

bit of surf board action. 

and the gorgeous statue that was directly over the road from our hotel 

And so we sat in the reception waiting to be picked up and taken to our next adventure. 
San Fran! 

Hope you enjoyed my little stroll down memory lane, Im hoping to get straight on with San Fran so i know its all blogged lol 

Rach x


Mel said...

Looks great! The portions are ridiculous in America aren't they? We had a Denny's breakfast and didn't need to eat for days afterwards!

Libby said...

Just wanted to say I'm enjoying reading about your trip. We went to Hawaii on our honeymoon... 20 years ago. I'd love to go back but Kevin isn't too keen. Not to worry, I'll keep working on him.


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