Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Finishing up

First I thought i would start with this gorgeous pic of Roundhay Park, i went on sunday with my friend Gwen, seriously how nice has the tiny bit of sunshine been we have had lately?


So on sunday i got cracking with my Owls project, i had finished the knitting on the saturday i think and Gwen was round on the sunday who helped me steek it (cut it in half)

It would take ages to do it the crochet way so i sewed it up the middle

and then went for it, i think this would have been scary but Gwen is very experienced with it so was good she was there. 

and this is it all cut in half, its all finished now with a button band but it needs the buttons and photographing properly. 

I then got cracking on my Leaflet cardi, which im sick of, this whole have neutral things in your wardrobe is getting a bit boring, so i cracked on and got the button band done, i was going to do long sleeves but i couldnt face it so its another short sleeved version. 

So with no garments on the needles, (well one but we dont speak of that) I thought i would pull some of my old WIPS that hadnt had any love for a while.

one of them being the la la love you cowl  Im pretty pants at lace work and find it harder than i think i should but this is a cute cowl, using Malabrigo for the first time, some of my stash from San Fran. 

These are socks, well this is, it will be socks, i was going to use the Hermoines Everyday socks but the pattern was getting lost in the colour of the yarn so i am just going good old vanilla socks. 

My lovely Wilma shawl  this poor shawl has been abandoned for ages, actually it took me a fair while to find it.

Something thats been left even longer is my Clapotis  i started this on the plane on our honeymoon and i havent touched since we got back, this took even longer to find, normally i find them in bags in bags doh!

So this is my new plan, i am attempting to knit on these for a little while. Ive got a couple of big knits planned but they need swatching for etc so i thought i would do some accessories for a bit and work with some colour hurray! 

Im hoping everyone else has a million WIPS too

Rach x

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CloClo said...

That's what I'm doing at the moment, trying to finish off a load of WIPs. I've got to try and steek my colour work cardigan at some point, eek! Please tell me what The Project That Shall Not Be Named is ;)


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