Thursday, 28 February 2013

Starting points

Hi all flying visit or i will be late for work again!

Hope you have been enjoying my honeymoon stories, i have one more to go.

So i thought i would let you know what else i have been up to, a few weeks ago i decided i should be preparing for my weekend away that i am going on this weekend with my 'scrappy' friends, obviously they are my real friends and not just scrappies but just to identify which ones i mean. 

I am always a bit useless on these weekends away, i get stuck, maybe being around so many clever people scares my little thought process lol so a few weeks ago i got thinking. 

I sat at my very messy desk

and using Shimelles starting point posts i got started on my own starting points

i managed 4.

and then 8

then some more, i found after a while i was just using left overs which were on my desk and pulling paper out of the depths of the my desk drawers that had long been forgotten about, can you say Love Elsie! 

So a couple of weeks later i decided 12 ish wasnt really enough and then i went a bit mad.

And well now i have 40! 

Thats right, so i have sorted some photos, mainly wedding and honeymoon careful not the pack any i know i have scrapped before. 

and now i have this lovely pile all ready to go, most pages are 80% done so i am hoping to make a little dent in this pile for 40. 

So yes i am quite excited about our weekend away we havent been away together for about a year and a half with one baby being too little or the other so we are very excited, particularly with Laura due in June and Jen due in August its likely to be a while till our next scrappy adventure.

So i shall report back when i have recovered from all the travelling, we are trying somewhere new this time, somewhere in London, yeah its south, thats is the extent of my knowledge and i am going with the lovely Sally.

Right I'm probably really late now but its my friday and its season launch at Baa Ram Ewe tonight and its sunny!!!


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hotpotato said...

have a fab weekend.


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