Saturday, 19 January 2013

Official Wedding Pics part 2

Hi all so i was thinking that i havent share the 2nd half of my wedding photos have it? I loose track lol
So here are some more

These pics now feel like a million years ago least of all because of the weather! I hope you arent all too freezing!

So starting with a group family shot, minus a uncle and a cousin who thought photo time was a good time to go home and walk the dog! (yes i am still miffed)

oh thats me

ah and lovely he

my granny and gramps

family pic but this time bro in law vanished, pah you cant win them all can you!

rob and his ma and pa

everyone (well nearly everyone)

some crafty folks!

granny and gramps just before they left 

jumping back to my lovely bridesmaids

ah me and my sisters 


this is robs sis

and our whole wedding party

rob and his sis 

the wedding guys 

as my grandparents left earlier we got them to take a few fun pics

hee hee 

back to the day with us and robs folks

and us and my folks

ah rob and rob 

the mothers


this is where we got engaged


some cute bits 

ah yes it does still feel strange to have a new name

some evening shots

ah this is one of my favourites 

bit of a boogie 

my godson chasing the lights on the floor, bless him 

ah us and the slattery's 

some dance off action!

go Jenny go!

and me and my wedding shawl!

Phew! so there you go, another huge thank you to the fabulous Shim for our gorgeous photos 

I think i still have some honeymoon ones to catch up on and planning to schedule a few posts this weekend as i have established i am useless at blogging in the week lol

Right i have some building to do (more on that later) take care in the snow out there guys

Rach xx


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