Monday, 21 January 2013

Knit the Queue Part 1

Hi all so I have joined a group over on Ravelry called Knit the Queue which is basically a to do/knit list, and we all know how i have unrealistic expectations which is why this is part 1 lol. 

So i have a good mix of things to knit, i'm big on garments at the minute so most of them are garments, there are a fair few hats and mitts as well as baby things. 

So far there are 2 babies arriving in 2013, my lovely friend Emma is due in March with her first which is a little boy and Laura is due in June with her 2nd, finding out in the next couple of weeks if its a pink or a blue one lol .

So here are the first bunch of things i wanna make, in no order but there are about 40 ish so i'm splitting them up over a couple of posts lol 

There are far too many to name and link up on Ravelry but my queue is
should you wish to check any of them out.

I am aiming to use stuff from my stash as i have a stupid amount (in a good way)

Some have been in my queue for years (literally) and some i have added on very recently, i do appear to be adding to this list quite frequently but god loves a trier right? lol 

A nice mix of spring. summer. winter.
Yes my lovely list of things i want to knit does sometimes keep me awake at night because i want to knit them ALL NOW!

Back soon with yet more thanks i wanna make.

Rachel x

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