Sunday, 13 January 2013

Learning to knit

Hi so i say i would pop by with some hints as to what are good projects to start off learning to knit. I learnt from my family so i cant really share videos etc but i know a few of my friends have been learning and they have bought Knitty Gritty  and say its really great with fab basic patterns in.

So i thought i would share a few easy projects i did in the beginning or old favourites i go to when i need something easy. 

These are all knit flat to make it easier, i always use circular needles if im knitting in the round or 'normal' back and forth i use this site p2tog  who have super quick postage and good prices.

I would try and get in the habit early of using these needles and not just the 'traditional' ones as lots of patterns now are knit in the round using these needles and if its not in the round these are much better when you are dealing with lots of stitches.

I have done a mix of patterns here, a few kids things as they are smaller it gives you the feeling you are getting somewhere, knitting takes time, there is no avoiding that, but i think the more you do it the faster you get. 

they are in no real order of difficulty they are all pretty easy. 

Very basic pattern using aran 

This is a lovely kids cardi with a few increases to learn but im sure the book or you tube could help, this is very easy and knitting in stripes, i love stripes as you really do just say, oh i'll stop after this colour etc etc and then you are there all night lol its fun. 

This is a super super easy jumper. In aran, nice and quick, again stripes do speed things up. 

I would never really tell people to start learning to knit with a scarf they are long like really long and when you first learn you want to feel like you are getting somewhere, however this is a lovely scarf, this is done in aran but i have done it a few times but using a chunky/bulky yarn and using a 6mm needle.

shawls are the new scarfs, like seriously they are insanely popular.

I have a few they are great for everyday or fab to wear with a dress for a wedding.

This is a nice easy shawl, cant go wrong, i think i will probably do another one of these somewhere along the way. 

These were the first mitts i made, i made them flat and sewed them up 

This is a super easy baby knit, i have just finished one actually, its done in chunky (chunky is bulky, bulky is chunky)

This is Shalom, its a really easy cardi made in bulky, the good thing abotu cardigans is often they dont have to fit fit like a jumper would. 

So there you go and of course there is Ravelry which is a giant giant website to get patterns, advice, etc there are 100s of free and paid for patterns and i love it.

Right i think thats it, i hope you have had a nice weekend, im hoping to be back soon to share what my knitting plans are this year.

Rach xx

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CloClo said...

Great round up of patterns there Rach, love the striped jumper, not seen that before. I really need to start knitting in chunky/Aran rather than dk or 4ply so much - I might feel like I was getting somewhere then!


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