Thursday, 10 January 2013


Morning all flying mobile blogging. I got a few new pics of baby Violet in some of the things I knit her that finally fit so I assume you would want to see lol

- I saw baby V (as we call her) on Saturday where she tried on her Owlet jumper, I had to alter the neckline and now it fits yay! 6mth size and looks fab! Sleeves are bit long but they always are for kids despite measuring her

Her little chum she is sat with is Dot I finished making Dot ages ago like ages! But I didn't sew her up till Saturday where I had a bit of a clear out. She looks fab and violet approves as she went straight in her mouth lol. Dot is a Rebecca Danger pattern, cute right?

These pics I got the other day, I had made this in June last year before she was born, many a happy sunny day making this

Look how good she is at modelling

I love this cardigan. It's called Sweet Bunting! She looks gorgeous in it don't you agree??

Oh yes and I scrapped yesterday, impressive right lol

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Clare said...

So cute! You've really inspired me with your knitting habit! I've made 2 Owls jumpers and have just bought some Purple Jewel Cascade to make the Central Park Hoody, am starting it tonight, can't wait!!


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