Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Hello all sorry i really did mean to blog at the weekend but they have this knack of going stupidly fast dont they? Alas i am here now.

So i thought i would share a few photos of my 30th birthday which was on the 30th lol

I got some lovely knitty pressies

We headed to town and got there for the shops opening, i got a voucher from rob for Pandora for a birthstone ring i had been after, i am still yet to get this as they dont have my size and then sold the one we had reserved, yes i was miffed! But hoping this week.

After a very brief trip in town, Pandora was the only shop we went in lol

We went to Ask in Wetherby which is where i seem to end up on my birthday, its certainly not in the middle of my house and my parents but it saves them hiking right 'into' Leeds. 

I opened lots of lovely cards and pressies.

Me and my lovely hubby

Vic was there too and my sissy

My other sissy, bro in law, robs sis and her bf

Obviously my folks

My mam just loves baby Violet especially as she was wearing her Kilt that my mam got her for xmas.

This was the 2nd rainbow of the day, thats what you get when it rains on and off all day

Robs folks were also there

Once we had finished our meal we walked via the river where a random man gave vic some bread to feed the ducks, violet thought it was fab.

Also this is what happens when i say cheese to my family! Ready to Pose!

We got changed had a bit of a rest and headed back out for our 2nd meal of the day at TGI!

Robs bestie joined us along with a lot of our chums.

Vics hubby joined us, V stayed at home with grandparents

Nats and her hubby joined

Heather and her Hubby joined us along with TTB

our lovely neighbourly friends came too

we had some awesome food!

I got a lovely charm from Heather to go on my bracelet that Vic bought me.

I was rather mortified when the TGI staff came and sang to me, like nearly ran away mortified.

It was a very wet and windy evening but we were happy and warm with friends and good food.

Great Birthday

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Jillian Cassity said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you had a great day!


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