Saturday, 5 January 2013

Top 12 knits of 2012

Hello all and welcome to the weekend, 3 day week but wow i am wiped out.

So i went through my Ravelry pages to see what my favourite knits of 2012 are 

So here they are, in no real order.

I love love this little duffle coat by debbie bliss, its all garter stitch which isnt so much fun to knit, it takes SO long but worth it when you see how cute it is on.
I would def knit this again but then i did knit 2 of these last year lol, also would advisor to do the bigger sizes just because babies seem to grow loads then slow down a little bit lol

Ah i LOVE my hitchhiker, i know i will be making another one of these, i have never worn anything as much as i have worn this, i went for a neutral colour so it would go with lots but i feel a red one coming on, this is knit starting with like 6 stitches and then gets bigger i love it though. 

Ah one of my newer knits is the Central Park hoodie i love this a million billion you should make one like now. 

This has been my favourite pattern of the year its Jane by Jane Richmond i have made 2 this year and i really like the pattern, its like a fake cable its super clever. 

My Jaywalkers, i dont know why it took me so long to make these as they are pretty easy, but they were the first patterned socks i had done so kinda stalled on them. 

Ah my Laika how i hated this for SO long, it was a long night which i eventually got the hang off, but i literally LOVE this top, i wear it all the time but man it was a hell of a knit. 

This was a a fun one, Not your Boyfriends sweater i saw someone wearing this in a knit shop, i loved it and then found her on ravelry and copied the wool and everything lol, it was quite a big knit with the amount of lace work but i really do like it. 

I made a million of these, i love love this little baby hat, its Magic Coffee Bean Hat and im sure i will make plenty more this year, i must have made about 10 in the past year. 

Ah my Wedding Shawl, Roses are Red, this was a cute fun knit and i even managed to get a pic of me in it on my wedding day lol 

Ooh this is a new entry having only finished it the other day (more pics to follow)
Man i love this cardi so much!

This is Tall Flowers and barely took any yarn, i love this knit, i will probably knit it again and make a couple of mods, a bit longer, the sleeves a bit shorter etc but i really do like this knit. 

Ah this one is lovely too, this was one of the first things i made for baby Violet, this is Sweet Bunting i remember a few occasions where i sat in the garden knitting on this and makes me happy. 

So there you go those are some of my favourites of the year.

i havent dared do a list of everything i knit in 2012, i know there is a lot and might count up over the weekend. If you want to see everything else i have made then i live here on Ravelry.

I thought i might do a little post on some easy patterns if anyone is thinking about learning to knit, a few of my friends are starting to learn so i appear to have a bit of a pile of good patterns to try. 

So there you have it, in 2012 i have loved knitting more than i have ever loved it before and i can't really see that slowing down. 

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Wrightboysmum said...

Easy cardigans would be great. I can do scarf's but just can't seem to get past them.


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