Saturday, 15 December 2012

Babysitting duties

Geez i have been meaning to post these pics for ages, so when was this erm October?? maybe!

One sunday me and Rob did a bit of babysitting, now i may have a lot of friends with babies but i cant recall ever being left on my own with them.

But this was the day, Violet rocked up in a awesome outfit.

We got her hooked up in her bouncer

she did some chomping 

we managed to feed her and put her in her little chair, yes we were rather proud of ourselves

we even made her laugh

you do not need to see (nor did i photograph) what resulted in the need for a change of outfit but lets say it wasnt pretty.

So then we put her to bed and i did some knitting. 

then rob went and got her up from her nap and i melted just a little 

then she played with a toy i knit her and melted a bit more

then she went back in her bouncer

and i taught her how to knit

then she wondered what the hell was going on!

so there you go we managed 4 hours and she didnt cry once.

Tomorrow we are trying it again while her folks go to the cinema.

Wish us luck 

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5 Ladybird Lane said...

Even though I have two kids of my own, I'm still nervous when looking after someone else's child. You did really well, no crying and asked again!!! Sarah


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