Monday, 17 December 2012

Weekend at home

So last weekend i headed up the dark, rainy, busy motorway to my folks house. 

Naturally i took my BFF my rocky coast cardi

We decorated the tree, well kind of 

we cracked open the quality street. Orange and Strawberry are my favourites.

We hung some art work my sis did when she was 5. 

we pulled a cracker

Nic decorate a fab wooden twigged tree she got when she was in Leeds. 

My sis had just got back from a cruise so is rather brown 

So saturday i went to Boyes, this apparently is a northern job but i loves me some cheap wool. 

I got Elijah some christmas books. 

We were supposed to christmas craft but he was poorly so we did some snuggling and some stickers, it was all kinds of awesome. 

He perked up a bit and played with his train while we watched christmas films ,He is awesome at saying Auntie Rachel now which is all kinds of awesome. 

We watched Polar Express and he kept on saying ' All aboard' hes awesome

Then i went to my sisters house where we did her tree

I treated myself to some new nail varnishes.

i had some biscuits for breakfast

then i walked to my grannies, because i can

check out his candle this was the first christmas present i ever got my granny and i was about 7 or 8 and she still has them!

i taught my granny how to delete books from her kindle, she has tons she has read and never remembers which ones she read and which ones she hasnt lol 

Awesome weekend at home, and came home to a cat visitor who very nearly pulled my christmas tree down.

good times 

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