Friday, 14 December 2012

Catch Up

Yes another knitting post, sorry lol but i likes to knit, so i thought i would catch up on some things i made in the last couple of months. 

As part of my pumpkin marathon i sent a hat to baby Archie and couldnt leave his big bro (is is still only 2) so i made him these little mitts 

This is the little package i sent to the boys. 

It was Jen's gorgeous little boys 2nd birthday in October so i made him a little monster. This is Melgrid, rob named him i have no idea why that is his name lol 

I also made a Turn a square hat out of some yarn i got at Woolfest. 

ah now these, i have had this yarn and been meaning to make these mitts for like a million years like ages but i finally got around to making them. 

cute right?

and i got this gorgeous pic of Jack in his mitts. 

good right lol 

and the gorgeous benjamin with Melgrid, cutes.

I am planning some crazy christmas knitting over the weekend, i have been doing house work tonight so i dont have loads to do this weekend, christmas films and knitting and some wrapping presents and more christmas films, rather excited actually. 

Let me know what you're knitting


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