Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Unofficial photos

So safe to say at my wedding there were a fair few people who like taking a photo or two lol so i thought i would show you some of the unofficially photos that were taken on the day.

There are LOADS, brace yourself! 

These are completely not in order and skip from day to night but there are too many for me to sort out. 

Here is my mam with her hair all fancy trying not to let the flowers die

This was a last minute thought, My mam lost her parents when i was young, hell she was young and rob doesn't have any grandparents anymore.
We are lucky to still have both my dads mam and dad, so i thought it would be nice to remember them in this frame, to show where we have come from and how we got here.

Ah The father of the bridge speech, which was awesome by the way.

this is the back of the menu i believe 

Ah the good old best man speech, yes that is rob dressed as Gerry from the Spice Girls

First dance pic

There were a fair few cute babies at our wedding, this is gorgeous Jack with his lovely parents Jenny and James. 

My flower girl and paige boy having fun and completely cute

This is my aunty and godmother apparently doing the air guitar! I completely missed this so think its great there is a photo of it!

My big sis busting some moves with our friend Tanya

Ah now this one tells a tail, we bought all the guys socks that kinda matched, and this was after it had finished we realised we didn't have a photo of them all, Robs dad had gone to bed but this is the rest of them in their jazzy socks. 

Bit of a scrappy group pic, can't wait to see the 'real' ones

likes this one of me and my dad

The lovely Jen, took this photo and i love it

Ah another cute little one, gorgeous Abigail

I have no clue what was happening here! 

another cute pic 

gorgeous blue skies when we woke up

our gorgeous pink room

our table plan

lydia being cute 

our little birdcages on the tables

oh think this was one of the scariest bits of the day, when everyone takes photos lol 

Introducing... this was a bit scary too lol 

The guys 

cutting the cake, a lot harder to do than it seems 

Us and my mam and my kinda of aunty (jams cousin)

Hiking across this very random bridge that to be fair could have been a lot prettier

ah the dads and their socks 

my mam and dad busting some moves

yay everyone having a dance

me and nicky

i likes this one

this one makes me laugh

my grandad and my sisters

some speeches

ah my lovely granny and grandad, I was so pleased they were there on my big day.

Robs mum and dad in the speeches

Robs sis and dad

having dance

I think this is great, proper dad dancing

There were so many scrappy gals there it was impossible to get a pic where someone wasn't missing lol but they are all great anyway lol 

Bit of serious dancing

Rob has commented that there wasn't much dancing, i don't know where he was but i had a good boogie with all of my chums.

Phew! Anyone wedding overloaded yet? Its getting a bit much right, I need to move onto Honeymoon pics, so many photos to share and blog posts to write lol

Hope you like our unofficial snaps

Rach x


Libby said...

Love the photos. It looks like one amazing wedding. You can see the love and you can see the fun had by all the guests.

hotpotato said...

great pics.

Julia said...

Great photos! Looks you had such a fabulous day! Love those socks lol!

Abi said...

I love the photos. You looked beautiful! I can't wait to see the "official ones!"

Hannah2 said...

What a beautiful wedding! Looks like everyone had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your pictures. H

Hannah2 said...

What a beautiful wedding! Looks like everyone had an amazing time. Thanks for sharing your pictures. H


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