Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Pre Wedding Prep

Hi all, so i thought i would swing by and show you a few photos of some of our pre wedding prep. We have now been married a whole month which feels like actually ages ago, so bit  aware i need to step up some of these wedding posts.

So a couple of weeks before the wedding i had my hair coloured, which is why my scalp is a funny colour and i headed up home for another hair trail.

I stayed for the weekend, so my mam and my sis got to work on the wedding favours.

Nicola was having her wedding hair trial too.

so yes hair was done but still not quite how i wanted it, it looks silly in my fleece top but it looked better with my dress on but still wasn't quite there. 

I sat and knit on Shimelles Owls Jumper

My biggest sis did a make up run.

The next day i got some ribbon to finish off the favours. 

the colours were spot on actually

So off i went trying to make a ribbon that looked good. 

My mam wasn't so interested in making ribbons, she likes to sweep

So me and my sis sat for a couple of long hours and tied them all on. 

They looked fab when they were finished. 

So a few days before the wedding i got Shims owls finished.

Now we are on the thursday before the wedding. 

I went off for the day with Vic for some pampering 

i had my lovely red toes taken off and changed for....

these! Aren't they fun?? my shoes aren't on show with my shoes so i picked some fun ones for my honeymoon. 

That evening i got packed up, as vic was picking up the cake for us she couldn't fit her pram in her car so i took that up on the thursday night. 

Then i said goodbye to my boyfriend, our very last unmarried photo and then i drove up home.

When i got home, my sis had bought me a lovely dress i had been after for ages.


I sat and laid out all the name cards in the table orders so it would be easier to do on the wedding morning. 

Friday was a crazy sunny day.

We headed up to the Hall Garth which is a hotel/spa near my folks


I headed there with my mam and two sisters.
I looked at this location for our wedding and debated having it here outside!

Me and Nicola (who knits) sat out for a bit and did a bit of knitting. 

Me and Helen sat by the pool a little bit

We then went over to the hotel for some lunch, as you can see it was super sunny and sitting on the conservatory we were boiling. 

my sis posted this on Twitter in the morning, alerting everyone her baby sister was getting married Lol

So my dad joined us, well he played golf so he took this super sunny photo. 

Then i went for a foot massage

i managed to catch my countdown just as it turned to the one day to go!

Nic got herself a manicure

and i sat and knit.

When we got home, Vic came by with the wedding cake and of course Violet.

Mam hadnt met violet yet, me and vic have been friends for a million years so my mam and vic go way back so she had been very excited to meet violet. 

Obviously she needed cuddles off me too. 

Later that evening we headed to the venue for dinner and me and my sisters stayed over. 

Yeah i was feeling seriously freaked out at this point, all of the planning was done i was here, it felt very strange i have to say, i think i sat in a trance for most of the meal.

I had a little peak in the ceremony room which freaked me out a little more. 

and caught this just before i went to sleep.
As you can see it says searching...  there was a serious lack of signal up there which caused a few problems on the morning of the wedding not being able to get hold of each other and find out what room everyone was in. More about that later. 

So there you go, thats all the wedding prep i think. 

Will show some more pics later, we are still waiting on our official ones but i can show some unofficial ones soon.

Also i scrapped our wedding, thats right! More on that later

Rach x

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Julia said...

Loved reading about all your preparations and that spa looks lovely. Excited to see your page!


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