Monday, 15 October 2012

Wedding Layouts

Hi all, eek the blog posts are backing up so gonna try and rattle some off lol 

So today i will share the layouts i have done of our wedding, and the changes i have made to my crafty room. 

So you know how messy i am so you don't need to see before photos do you?

So i was gonna swap rooms, etc but decided it was just a huge job and was i just putting off scrapping by moving rooms? I think so, i think as with knitting too you spend more time sorting our stuff, if its paper, wool, patterns, ideas than actually doing the hobby you like. 

So this is my hand knit bit. I have a rail from ikea with my hand knits on, a basket of hats and stuff and another basket of my 'special yarn'. 

Im quite pleased with how it came out in the end. Now just need to keep it this tidy, i know already there are a few jobs piling up not he chair in my bedroom that need to be hung back up.

So in my room i moved my desk, it wasn't in front of the window, which you would think gives the most light but as this room doesn't really get much light it doesn't, so i moved it to under the actual light and i like it so much more already. 

I cleared my chair so a actual person could even sit on it, my poor white desk is pretty much used as storage for the min but its just tough for now. And of course my shelves of yarn. 

So yes i feel very pleased with it, and its still quite tidy actually. 

So it had been a while since i had scrapped and was feeling a bit, eek how do i do this again.

So naturally i went to Shimelles blog for help

I love the starting points she does, simple concept but so helpful 

So there you go my first page.

I was nervous about the journalling too, how deep do i go, was i being mushy enough etc so I'm trying to worry less lol 

Next up i just jumped in and did a page on our first dance. As mentioned we have The Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne. So yeah, i really like this one, i am loving using my new stash in my wedding colours without it being so Matchy Matchy!

I went solo on the next one and even watched a little podcast at the same time lol.
Yes my knitting was on standby to the left for when i get a bit twitchy from being away from it lol

This one is super simple and just talking about the day, my writing isn't perfect at all but thats just how it is, i'd be on all day if i did 'best writing' for everything. 

Using the scraps of this page i did another. 

Again very simple, this is just a quick page on how this was the photo we saw, i think it was Leannes and we look a bit sleepy but very happy. 

So there you have it, thats all i have managed so far but i am planning on more very soon. 

Will be back tomo so show you what i got up to at the weekend, then i need to do honeymoon stuff, baby stuff, knitting stuff, bunny stuff etc etc etc busy bee!

Thanks for stopping by
Rach x


scrappingmabel said...

hi Rachel luv how clean your room is!! luv reading what ur up to and luv all your knitting projects! Have started my first ever knitting project a snood for my daughter will post a pic when I am finished fingers crossed it turns out okay Sandra x

Libby said...

Great layouts. I find the more I scrapbook the easier it gets.

Julia said...

Loving the pages Rachel! They all look fab. Love your rail for displaying your hand knits too - the room looks fab :)


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