Monday, 13 August 2012

The morning after the night before

Hi all, i hope you have been enjoying my hen adventure, i have a few more pics to share and then some random ones!

So sunday morning was a lazy one, we watched the end i Bridesmaids and just slobbed about.

When everyone had gone, Vic went to go and get Violet.

She snoozed in her 'basket' while we watched The Vow, a nice soppy girlie film to end the weekend.

we pretty much lay on the sofa all afternoon.

I got some amazing Violet cuddles, seriously this was lush

i loves this one

and i loves this baby girl. isn't she perfect?

So when i was all alone i was feeling a bit sad, so i did what any normal person would be, i got a chinese all to myself and watched Home Alone!


and then had a early night, only to be woken by rob who got home about 12.30am

So there you have it all done, A huge thank you again to all of my friends/family who came to my hen do, it was awesome. 

So what else have i been up to?

Well i have been doing some knitting, obviously. 

Sitting after work waiting for rob and boiling in the sunny bit of the car.

I started some new mittens, oh these are my fancy hen nails, pretty right?

oh we were on count down at 4 weeks.

we picked some wedding readings, finally!

and finally got these blooming booklet finished that has been on our coffee table for ages.

my mitts made progress

and i picked on my wedding shawl and made some good progress on that.

i finally fit into a shirt i have not been able to wear for donkeys!

i did a bit of knitting in the garden while rob watered the garden.

we had a little bit of sunny time.

we got a new tissue holder, cute right?

we had some Olive cuddles 

i kept knitting late into the night

We had a visitor, most day she is waiting for us when we get home and then jumps in the car.

oh yes we had another sunny evening, and by evening i mean a hour 6.30-7.30 then its gone


we did some lying down on the picnic blanket and wedding talking.


So there you go thats whats been going on with me.

Tomorrow i will share my Ravelenics knitting with you and just what i managed to get done.

Rach x

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