Saturday, 11 August 2012

Hen Do Part 2- the night time

Hi i hope you enjoyed my first instalment of my hen do fun, here is part two!

There was a mad 30 mins of getting ready time!

My future sister in law and my sis putting 'their face on'

The in laws kindly offered to drive us into town, so naturally we got them to take a group photo.

Cute isn't it? this is my new screen saver on my phone! Makes me happy every time i see it. 

off we go!

Now I mentioned Vic organised the hen do, now this is where it shows just how well she knows me.

We went to a lovely chinese restaurant in town, met up with my friend Holly and Naomi.

Here we are, i am thinking as are showing off our new nails, Vic had other ideas. 

We had a insane amount of food and tried to pick the most normal sounding things from the menu, as it was a pretty erm interesting menu lol

So we then got a taxi ' somewhere' i wasn't told where we were going. But as we drove through town passing the 100s of hen dos with there matching outfits and obscene inflatable and general gross-ness.

It got quieter and quieter as we reached the bottom of town and away from the drunkeds, well apart from the ones in our taxi. 

We arrived at our final destination.

Now how spooky is this? I was sure i had mentioned ages ago i wanted to go here, but when i spoke to vic it turns out i never said it to her so she picked it all by herself, see thats what happens when you have known someone 20 years.

So let me tell you about this bar, It was firstly full of nice normal people, in nice normal none fancy dress clothes. We had a table reserved so we got a seat, always a winner in my books. There was a pool table, there were cupcakes and brownies and space invaders and games.

Let me show you.

Helen and Vic began a mean game of guess who!

im unsure why Bernard and Daniel were so funny but they thought it was the funniest thing ever lol

What else??? Ah yes the drinks, i drink very rarely! I don't like it, i don't like how it tastes or how rough you feel afterwards but i do like cocktails.

Also coz i don't drink i tend not to go out out! Mainly again because i don't like the places i go to but this place is literally my new favourite place in leeds. 

Now what could be better than a cocktail served from a tea pot??

Not much 

we thought it was tremendous fun

So other fun pics

here is Natalie and Naomi 

my sis and her lips

ah there is me with my cool Rachels Hen Party thing, very cool!

nats and her wand

me and charlotte

ah there it is again!

so tea cup fun

There wasn't a single L plate in sight, instead we had lips which people enjoyed sticking to their face, it also left an attractive red mark when it fell off. 

Becci and Emily

so another funny story, when people celebrate they get given champagne, I don't like champagne, its part of the drinks tasting gross thing, so i gave it to vic.

This is lovely Jess my next door neighbour, we really fell on our feet with our neighbours they are both awesome. 

this is where i went round the table taking photos with each person.

Me and my sis as different as two people could get lol as people pointed out night long

my and Charlotte, charlotte is my friend from uni, i lived with her hubby in the first year and her daughter Lydia is our flower girl 

Ah me and nats, one of my very first friends in leeds we have gone from paper crafting friends right onto knitting together lol

me and jess, jess is getting married at the end of October so we have been planning together

me and Naomi, naomi i have met again through knitting, she is one of the strongest people i know and looks after everyone

me and emily, we have been chums since college, emily is doing all of my wedding stationary and doing a awesome job too, 

What can i tell you about this girl! Oldest friend, organised a whole hen do whilst looking after a tiny new born, braved her very first day and night away from said tiny baby to be part of my hen do.

She did a bloodly awesome job i am sure you will agree. 

 At the end of the night we all go a taxi home and sat and watched Bridemaids.

I had a fab night, and what a better way to end than all of my friends staying over and a late night chat with my bestie about old times and how weird it is she is a mother and a wife and I'm about to be a wife!

Crazy Times!

Rach x

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hotpotato said...

What a fun looking Hen do and as you said no tacky L plates and brides to be that are p***** as a fart and can't remember the night out....good on you Rachel.


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