Thursday, 9 August 2012

Hen do- part 1

So finally i have made it, I have been meaning to blog all week but other things have been stealing my attention I'm afraid, but I'm here now right?

So I'm not a huge fan of shall we say traditional hen do's i can't think of anything worse than walking through the streets of Leeds dressed up like say a Cowboy, each to their own and all but its not my bag.

And my MOH Vic made sure i didn't!

So this is what we got up to. 

The lovely Maura from Radiant Beauty came over bright and early on saturday morning to do some lovely treatments for me and my lovely chums.

I went first before everyone arrived. 

As everyone arrived we got Elijah sat down with Toy Story for some reason it was playing in German we don't know how but it wouldn't play English but he was really good and sat and watched it.

I got a lovely gift from my hens which was so kind of them, i just love it. 

cute right?

So this wasn't your average hen do already right?

Now lets add a gorgeous baby too!

So here is lovely Heather who dragged her pregnant self over for my hen do yay! and of course baby Violet.

Jess had her eye brows waxed in my kitchen, as you do

My friend Ol did my hair for me, she has been doing my hair at sleepovers etc for the longest time and she did a awesome job

oh here i am, this is as Hen ish as i got a banner and a badge in the comfort of my own house.

We had a minor drama my sis nic (right) found early saturday morning she had Shingles so sadly had to leave due to the about of baby-ness going on, it was really sad but I'm glad she got to spend the night before with me and hang out a tiny bit before she left. 

And here is me and my sissies!

ah theres that cute baby again!

ah the pretty hair i mentioned!

ah that she again

Elijah was super well behaved and loved the blowers, they were a bit gross once he had finished with them thou!

there was some sitting in the sun.
This is helen (biggest sis) Becci (robs sis) and Emily who i have mentioned before who drove down from Edinburgh

And of course the lovely pregnant Heather, you know we have been sharing a dealing date right? In just 4 short weeks i will become and Mrs and she will become a mama! Mental!

We had some fun in the garden, with elijah being most confused as to what happened when the balloon popped.

We all lined up for a very sunny photo of all the day time gals. Natalie had joined us at this point after a long day at work lol

some cuddles with elijah and his soggy bit of garlic bread.

if you are wondering why i have a different dress on in the first pic (I'm sure your not) i let Olive out and it started to rain so brought her in but the rain was crazy and i got soaked through!

So there you go, a pretty darn perfect hen do so far, I having my nails done and everyone else did too, if you are in the Leeds area you should def check out Radiant Beauty, i am heading back before the wedding for some more treatments.

I will be back tomo with some evening snaps, it was awesome!

Rach x


klmpink said...

So pleased you had fun looks like a great part 1. Look forward to part 2!

klmpink said...

Yay glad you had a great part 1 hen do! Looking forward to part 2!


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