Wednesday, 29 August 2012


Hello all, so as I mentioned the other day/week I haven't been scrapping at all but literally as I finished that blog post i decided to scrap.

So here are a could of catch up pages from march

Sorry haven edited them.
So this is a page about all my wool when I laid it all out the other month. Basically saying I know I have a silly amount bit frankly I dont care lol!

I have to say I appear to have very little paper these days having not bought any paper for erm months lol
Please send new paper lol

Another quick one I did about when my chums came to visit and maybe the last time I scrapped lol! Perhaps I need another scrappy day with my chums lol

Right I'm sat at my desk squeezing in 20mins (15 now) to try and do a 12x12 for my May pages as my evenings are super busy!

So there you have it, slow progress!

Thanks for calling by

Rach x

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