Thursday, 30 August 2012

A date

Hi all, so I only managing quickly blogging on my phone these days, busy blooming times I tell ya!

So few snaps to share, on Sunday me and rob went out for a date. Now I'm sure you know we rarely go out, we often talk ourselves out of it preferring to just stay in our lovely house.
But on sunday, we went off to the cinema, something we rarely do now coz it's crazy expensive like mental. We had some Necter points to use so instead of £18 it was £3.60 or something like that yay!

So we headed off to see Brave, it was fab, I really enjoyed it. Next we went to a new bar that has opened in town that is Hawaiian themed! (what was Bar Risa for those who know Leeds)
We went for a cheeky cocktail to get us in the honeymoon spirit, so we obviously took some fun pics.


Ah there we are waiting for our drinks

Our cocktails in jam jars!! Yay


We may have got a tiny bit of food too, which I would have eaten ten times, they were all half price so bargain date!

Rob was drivin so I had half his cocktail too and felt well a bit tipsy!

By the time we came out it had stopped crazy raining and was gorgeous sunshine and we skipped to the car feeling excited about going to Hawaii, which is where we will be in two weeks today!

Yay!! That's all for now, bed time x

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Hayley said...

Now that's a date and a half!

Nicole said...

Fab times! :D I especially like the moose picture with the straws on your head ;) I miss Leeds! I used to go all the time when I lived in Bradford as a student, why was there no Hawaiian bar then??

Enjoy your Honeymoon, it'll be amazing :D


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