Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A confession (a long one)

I confess! I have fallen out of love! (no not rob) with paper, im sure you have noticed i dont really do the whole cutting and sticking thing anymore! I dont feel the draw to it, i dont look at a photo and look ooh i must scrap that like right now, or need to take a photo just to scrap it. I don't want to go and sit in my room on my own, and i know im lucky to have one but man nothing is making me want to go in there.

I havent looked at any new paper releases, sometimes the manufactures blogs i follow (the ones i havent deleted) come up on my google reader and i just skip past time. I have fallen well and truly out of love. I dont think i have scrapped properly all year, i have done a bit but i really had to push myself to do it. I havent sorted my photos for months and they have just built up. Partly because i dont have any spare money to print photos out that are just going to sit there and not 'do' anything. 

As my wedding gets blooming near i confess i had a little look online for some paper that might compliment our colour scheme but there is no real enthusiasm at the minute. And i can finally say this with my head held high, i like knitting more, i just do. I didn't quite dare say that before coz this is a scrapping blog, most of my readers i think are scrappers, im sure you are wondering what the hell is going on if you are even still reading. But you cant do something you aren't enjoying, now i say that, i'm sure if i sat at my lonely desk and got going, im sure i would have fun. No one would stand with a gun to my head.

I have focused most of my scrapping this year on my document 2012, and most of my friends who still scrap are doing project life, but i just dont seem to see much 12x12 'proper' scrapping. Now i love my doc 2011 album and i was dying for it to be 2012 to scrap all the wedding things but i just feel currently like its just a lot of effort. And i feel bad saying that i really do.

We are going to America for our honeymoon and this is the first time i haven't thought about doing a giant online order, i do know where all the wool shops are in relation to where we are staying thou lol

But the other day as i was shifting a load of hen do stuff off my desk, i came across some of my doc 2012 pages i hadn't put away, and felt a tiny jolt! I had basically stopped my doc 2012 coz i ran out of page protectors which again is mental, I am up to April which feels like a life time ago.

So im told getting married and the huge amount of fab photos will make me want to scrap again, and i dont not want to scrap anymore just when im getting married. I just to look at Laura's (cant link as she doesnt blog anymore) pages of her wedding and her blog posts and feel such excitement about 'my turn' and now its upon me.

So what am i saying? Im stopping forever? No certainly not, I have sat tonight and gone through my photos for my doc 2012, i exported them all to my desktop ready to upload to photobox before realising that i had only exported them at medium quality and they  would be no good. I confess i did think, can i really be bothered to do that all again? But i did. I have to say i am a little bit twitchy that i havent done barely any knitting since i got in but i am trying not to worry about that.

So i have a tiny plan to 'try' and catch up with my doc 2012 before the wedding. So 4 months of scrapping to do in 3 weeks along with the lovely stresses that have appeared with planning a wedding and a lovely new job which isnt helping my stress levels lol

I feel a bit over whelmed at the thought, and i am big on not feeling over whelmed at the min, but as i looked through iphoto, i thought how the hell am i going to catch up. Its not about catching up i know but i like to be reasonably on top of it. 

So this pay day i am putting a tiny amount aside (last pay day before the wedding) to print some photos and see if i can fall in love again!

Wish me luck x


hotpotato said...

don't worry we all go through I can't be bothered to scrap mode. It'll come back sometime, but in the mean time carry on knitting as that's what you are enjoying, just don't give up blogging as I love visiting your blog and am looking forward to seeing your wedding pics.

Jennifer Grace said...

Don't worry too much about it, life is too short to do something you don't enjoy! You can just put your wedding photos in a photo album if you don't feel like scrapping them! We still want to see the pictures though! X

Louise Ingram said...

I found your blog from a scrapbooking site (I think) and I'm definitely a scrapbooking person but I love seeing all your yarn projects! Just wanted to comment to say that people who keep reading your blog are interested in what you have to say, whatever it's about. Hope your scrapbooking spark comes back soon but even if it doesn't, keep blogging. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your wedding

Jude said...

Rachel; A while back I blogged similar thoughts, and you gave me some great advice. I heeded it, and did indeed do a few pages. But then seemed to slow down again. I'd got myself into a real rut - my whole life, not just crafting. Finally I can see a way out of it. I've been doing some knitting too. I've been working on my family tree. I've been doing some sewing. And I'm not missing scrapping at all. Although I know that one day I will go back to it I've stopped stressing about the lack of! I still love reading your blog even though I arrived here in the first place, to read about scrapping. We all move on. So long as you enjoy what you ARE doing, who cares? Maybe you'll "scrap" your wedding, maybe you won't! You still take great photo's so they'll be there when and if you need them. Have fun. Jude.x

Jackie xxx said...

Good luck, but don't stress about the amount you have to do to get up to date, if you have the photos you can do do the pages whenever.

Enjoy the process leading upto your Wedding, it will come round really quickly and will be here before you know it.

I love seeing your knitting projects (secretly wishing I could knit like you ;-) ), so keep on knitting and enjoy what you do - whether its scrapping or knitting ... xxx

Libby said...

I'm with you on the not being in love with scrapbooking at the moment. I even did a MAJOR redo of the scrapbook room hoping it would inspire me but I don't think it has. I did a few pages yesterday but it just feels so obsolete with my blog and photobooks for our travels and a photobook for project life. I'm still hanging in there and hoping to rekindle the love I had with scrapbooking for about 10 years. I think all our interests change, as do life circumstances. The main thing is you do something to preserve your memories - and your blog (at least) serves that function. Can't believe the big day in in 3 weeks. So excited for you.

Sarah said...

I must admit I first starting following your blog to see your scrapping but now I also love to see your latest knitting projects or hear what you've been up to!! Don't stress about falling out of love with paper - just enjoy your wedding and maybe, just maye you will feel the need to cut & stick again after the Big Day!! xx

Julia said...

Love seeing what you knit but I do miss your pages too x Hope you feel inspired to do some of your wedding - I wish I had scrapped at that time to record it all - and it's not about catching up, that just isn't possible lol! Have a great day and best wishes to you and Rob for a lifetime of happiness <3


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