Saturday, 18 August 2012

Oldies but Goldies

Hi all, firstly a huge thank you for the comments on my last post, Im pleased that people still read my blog despite not scrapping so much anymore. I have bitten the bullet and ordered photos so making a slow start on my May pages.

So i thought i would swing by and show you what i got up to last weekend. 

So as I have mentioned before I am doing slimming world, i haven't spoken about it too much but safe to say i am still doing it. 

I got my stone award last week which made me crazy proud.

So lately i have been noticing that my clothes were all getting a bit big and basically i was looking really scruffy, so i decided to have a look through my old clothes and see if anything fit.  

I was super sad to put all my old clothes away coz they were too tight, and I'm excited to say they now all fit again!

So some of my old favourites are back, most of these i bought in Florida when we went in 2009/2010 (i think)

i am super excited to have them back, and even more excited to pack away all my temporary clothes. I begrudgingly bought a bigger size but just cheap clothes so it feels like a treat to have some nice clothes again, even if they are old lol.

I have been living in the same jeans for months but i thought i'd try some old favourites, so this was the last time i wore these. 

June 2010! OMG!

Safe to say i was making quite a mess!

But the most exciting thing was to get into these jeans, i bought them in 2003 maybe when i was at Uni, i haven't been able to wear them for years and years.

The have a giant hole in them in a very inappropriate place but the fact i can get in them and still sit down makes me very happy.

I next tackled my suit case, i wear the same holiday clothes year in year out, surely everyone does right? So i had a clear out and kept everything that fit and packed away everything that didn't. 

So surely some new clothes were also in order for my honeymoon.

I went shopping last month with Heather and got a few bits.
These are all Primark bargains and the whole lot came in at £10!

Bargain hunter or what? I need to have a proper sort of honeymoon clothes, as we are doing theme parks, city walking and beach stuff. Everyone always takes too much on holiday but I'm really trying not to. 

I also may have treated myself to this lovely bag I'm planning on using as hand luggage.

It was like £40 reduced to £12 so something equally as crazy in the Accessorize sale.

but the one i really want is this one.

Again Accessorize but at £35 its a bit out of reach at the min.

But a bunny bag what could be better??

a bunny top to match? Cute right?

So there you go that is my Slimming World progress.

I am not quite at the weight i want to be at but my wedding dress is all fitted to me so i am a bit worried about loosing too much more and having to have it altered again.

So we will see. 

So as its saturday i leave you with our countdown.

3 Weeks to go!! Whoop, its all getting very exciting. 

Thanks for stopping by

Rach x


JO SOWERBY said...

well done Rachel on losing so much weight. I am sure you will be able to stablise so your frock isn't too big. Can't believe the big day has come round so fast. Looking forward to some amazing pictures.
Loving the new clothes especially the dresses, very trendy.
Love Jo xxx

Jennifer Grace said...

Great haul of clothes, both old and new! Love that butterfly bag! x

Libby said...

What a huge accomplishment for you Rachel. It's such a wonderful feeling fitting back into old favourite clothes isn't it? But I'm glad you also rewarded your hard work with some new things.


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