Sunday, 15 July 2012

WIP Pressure

I know it is completely my fault and completely stupid but i confess to getting rather stressed about the amount of knitting i have ongoing at the minute. 

I just can't resist the urge to start something new. The main reason i cast things when i shouldn't is when i am going somewhere, for example Slimming World, i get a good hour of continuous knitting done there. No checking my phone or any distractions so i normally take something easy like a baby hat, last week i got both sleeves of a baby cardi done woo!

Today I thought i would see how many WIPS i had, so i put them all in a pile, i decided that even though I had loads of them at least they were in lovely project bags which are my new favourite thing to sew!

I even lined them up in a WIP train, coz I am odd like that

Last sunday I decided i must try and stick to one knit and get it done. I picked Laika, this has been on the needles since last August!! I really want it for my honeymoon so Im on a mission.

Last time i left it, it looked like this, so close yet so far! the body was done but i needed sleeves

Seriously why must i have sleeves? sleeves are a complete pain.

But i was good and knit on my laika everywhere i went all week.

i got half way down the sleeve!

closer and closer

Until i got to the end, but this was knitting on the way to work, lunch time, hour while i wait for rob to finish work and in the evenings. A lot of knitting.

and when i finished it i had to start on the blooming next one.

But I was on a mission.

and then saturday rolled around, and i cast on a new jumper! I know but this has a deadline on it so had to get going, and i had to finish a baby item which i did and is now in the post.

But i also picked up my Dinosaur, this was supposed to be for Elijahs birthday which is Thursday, pretty doubtful that it will be done as the next bits are fiddly. 

 So when the dino got to hard i stopped and picked up the monster i meant to have ready for when Violet was born!

I don't know why i put so much pressure on myself or why it bothers me that i can't get it all done immediately, but I know that knitting on one thing will make them be finished quicker but it just drives me mad and i feel that pull to my other items. I know knitting takes time, and i know i am lucky that i have every evening just to sit and knit and its more than many other people but it still drives me mad.

And then you get a text like this!

and its all worth it!

Rach x

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Hi, I'm Vicki said...

i love those elephants, I am planning on knitting a second one really soon!!! I have the dinosaur in my queue to be knit for one of my boys really soon and your laika is just gorgeous!!!


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