Saturday, 14 July 2012

Quilting for Violet

Hello, So I thought its time I shared something crafty related! So way back when I found out that Vic was having a girl i went online and bought some fabric to make a quilt. I cant remember where i got it or what its called, No I'm lying it was Quilty pleasures.

Anyway so how is Violet?? She's blooming gorgeous!

She is really into scratching her face so has to have her mitts on, i got this cute photo during the speeches at the wedding i was at last weekend, don't worry it was on silent. 

The girl knows how to vogue!

Anyway, when Vic text me on the 29th June to tell me she was in labour (this was her actual due date) i got up super early and was sewing at like 6am working on the quilt. I made great progress, I had sewn the top up so it was just the actual quilting bit to do.

I got it all done but ran out of binding on one of the sides of the quilt, so i had to make a dash to the market in the week to get some more. 

I love that I can make things for her and can't wait to make more things. 

I few days after i gave it to her i got this lovely photo!

Funny story, I was there when she bought that babygro it was the day after we found out she was having a girl and we went out on our lunch hour and bought some baby girl things!

So I thought you might want to see some more cute pics.

I can't obviously get to see Violet all the time so i request a photo a day!

So these are some corkers!


oh yes we went round for quick visit last sunday.

rocking the shepherd look!

Now this photo, violet is rocking a tiny knit my mam made for her, given i have known vic for a million years my mam of course knows her really well too (thats what a million sleep overs will do)

How cute does she look???

 So there you go, I have been trying to focus on some big knits lately, which i will share soon so nothing to show you on that front lately but I'm trying. 

 Thanks for stopping by

Rachel x

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Mel said...

She's a cutie and that's a great quilt.


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