Friday, 13 July 2012

Rob and Elijah take a walk/run

So whilst we were up home for the wedding last weekend we called in to see my friend Ol and gorgeous Elijah, We decided to go for a little walk to a local park. Last time we went here Elijah was a bit shy with Rob, but this day, he wouldn't be without him. I think coz he was willing to be dragged around the park.
Wanna see cute photos of rob being dragged round the lake by a cute 2 year old? Yeah i thought so!

And they are off

quick look at the ducks

some running

a bit more

I LOVE this shot, Elijahs little arms keeping him balanced. Now i may even need to scrap this or certainly put it on the wall lol

then they rounded the corner

stopped for a little break

found some tiny tiny ducks

and threw things at them!!

next they headed up this pretty bridge

running as they went

This photo is funny, Elijah insisted in putting his head in all of the holes, i love the two handed grip Rob has on him making sure he doesn't fall in lol

after that they hurtled down the bridge and ran to the car!

Cute right?

Thats all i have for today

Rach x

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beksynormz said...

Suits him Rach! V cute xxx


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