Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Birthday Boy

Hi guys, little mid week post to share a few pics with you, It was Robs birthday yesterday.

Now Robs favourite thing to eat are burgers, we have gone to some kind of burger place on all on his birthdays.

This year we went to a new place Johnny Fontanes, its a awesome 50s style place, just of millennium square in Leeds.

naturally we took a few snaps

I had a night off the diet and had a milkshake

rob had a coke float and a chocolate brownie

now some yummy/naught food

After our meal we headed out into the rain (another tradition which seems to happen every july 17th) and headed off to the Grand Theatre.

I got his tickets to see Avenue Q!

It was a great show, so funny, I would recommend it to anyone.

We had a lovely night together.

and my hubby to be is a year older!

Thanks for calling by


1 comment:

Libby said...

Happy Birthday to Rob. Looks like a great night out. And boy do you look great Rachel. You can really see the weight loss in your face. Hope you enjoyed the night off :-).


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