Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Remember when??

It used to be sunny when it was meant to be?

I don't know about you but man i miss the sunshine, don't get me wrong i HATE being hot, hate it, it makes me really mad. But boy has it been soggy in the UK lately!

But I was looking through some photos the other day of sunny sunny photos and thought i would share them with you. 

Off down memory lane we go

ah me and rob 2009 just after we got back from Florida, perfect weather day

ah part of our southern road trip, this was march but sunny sunny

ah a may day trip up home

ah this was the best lunch time ever!

august 2009, my first knitting project (after id stopped when i was little)

May i think 2011, in the country with my girls!

June down South with these crazy guys

ah engagement shoot, April 2011 and it was sunny and warm and i had sandals on and no leggings, crazy!

ohh this was a while ago, i forget one but i remember it being very sunny.

this was ooh early april, in Otley or Ilkley, one of the two i always mix them up

ah our very first weekend away, this was july and it was hot hot hot

back to June

check out Jens bump lol

July 2010 and a sunny day for Vics hen do in Whitby

August in Roundhay Park

September 2010 at Laura's wedding, somewhere really south

and the very next day another sunny day up north for vics wedding

Bournemouth march for our souther rd trip

and again

sunny but colder day in Hastings

a sunny evening after work, donkeys ago, i miss working with these guys!

This was May and it was boiling, me and vic hung out in the park all day


another blue sky day with our new hobbies

July and a visit from my family 2011

ah this was a bank holiday i forget which, what made us think that doing a save the date in the park on a busy bank holiday was a good idea?

2009 June/ July maybe, sunny days

this was the day after i hung out in the park with vic

ages ago but sunny. 

sunny august day for heathers wedding

So there you go, it was once sunny, it is now 10th July and we have had very little sunshine, Its robs birthday next week and i think its been at least 3 years since he had a sunny birthday.

Geez i remember scrapping like 90% of these photos, it makes me a little bit sad i don't seem to do that anymore, i appear to have a very busy schedule these days, for the last two weeks i was out nearly every night, which being a home bird was hard.

I am enjoying just sitting in my house this week, I am free all weekend and making NO PLANS at all just none, i literally can't remember the last time i had the whole weekend at home. Im super excited.

It may sound sad but i like being at home and feel a bit stressed if i am away all weekend.

Sorry slightly off topic there!

Right i must get to bed.

Hope the sun shines for you soon

Rachel x


Elizabeth said...

Well, you did it - you brought the sunshine ... after weeks of unremitting rain the sun is shining in Ayr - yippee! Elizabeth

Mel said...

Great flashback to the sunshine - it is getting ridiculous now. Our school sports day had to be cancelled today and the camp had to come home early as they were rained out!


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