Thursday, 5 July 2012

Miss Violet

Hello, So i finally got around to asking my friend if its ok to share pics of baby Violet and thankfully (as a part time scrapper) she said yes so yay!

So here we have Violets little family. How cute are they?

So cute hospital shots.

When Violet was only 15 hours old we got to go and meet her, we were super privileged 

here is Uncle Rob

Ah and mamma

Auntie Rachel

more Rob

So as a auntie i have requested photos every day of this little cutie.

Violet didn't open her eyes in the hospital, so i got this cute shot the other morning. 

I had to do a bit of a errand for them on monday night by getting some things from Mothercare.

It then gave me an excuse to go for another visit.

This is Ewan the dream sheep for everyone who wants to know.

I then got a lovely thank you text from Violet for her little bouncy chair we got her.

and a cute peaking photo.

oh and a tiny feet one.

I finished work early today so dropped in on them, she is well into scratching her face so needs little mitts on.

She is completely lush and Im well excited to be her auntie.

Whats more I was chuffed that we live like 5mins away so here help when we are needed.

So there you have it, i assume you will be seeing many more cute cute photos.

You never know i might just scrap some pics lol.

In other news i have completed my first week (at a wedding tomorrow) of my new job, Its pretty early to say now, lots of online reading, lots of note taking, the hottest training room in the land. But won't really know how much i have actually learnt till i give it a go next week. Bit miffed I'm missing the friday where we actual learn how to use the system. It can't be helped but i do worry how next week will go if I've missed the whole ' how to use the systems' day!

Right on that note, i have to make something for tea (fear it will be beans) and get ready for this wedding. I am currently watching lots of cute hair putting up videos!

Back soon

Auntie Rachel x

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