Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mr and Mrs Barlow

Hi all, so last sunday, we headed to my friend Annas wedding. Me and Anna  have talked weddings every lunch time for months. So it was exciting when her wedding was finally here.

She got married at the lovely Woodhall

Mr and Mrs Barlow!

gorgeous flowers

cute special touches

The confetti shot is always my favourite

me and he

the gorgeous bridesmaids

and the ushers

thats me obvs

and me and he




cake cutting just after the meal which we have copied

giant jenga

me and rob wondered off to enjoy the sun and took quite a fun snaps

it was crazy sunny

beautiful detail on her dress

first dance!

two fools lol

so there you are and as everyone keeps telling me it will be me next! In 6 weeks to be exact, I really must blog some stuff, I'll do it soon i swear.

Rach x

1 comment:

Libby said...

Great photos. Can't believe your own wedding is just 6 weeks away. So exciting. I'm getting ready to celebrate my 20th wedding anniversary so my own wedding day is a very distant memory :-).


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