Friday, 27 July 2012

Cast on!

Hi peeps, so it is cast on night! I drove over to Headingley, which is the first time I have daren't do this alone!

Anyway, there was a lovely gathering of us so I took a few snaps!

There was food (which obvs I had to avoid)

There was wine!

Getting ready!

On your marks, get set and go!!!

A good bit of knitting chat taking my mind off a tough week

Great to see the lovely Gwen

I made some good progress on my Jane hat by Jane Richmond!

I may have taken a 2nd project, I am trying to just do the one at a time thing but it was sitting looking at me waiting for me to finish my hat

Then I headed back in my little car and did a bit more knitting

Loving this pattern, easy to remember which is a big bonus for me, cute in the round! And pleaded with how much progress I'm making!

Will keep you updated!

Let me know if you are joining in the Ravellenics!

Rach x

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