Thursday, 26 July 2012

Ravellenic Games

Hi all, firstly thank you so much for your very kind ones, we are still stupidly sad but i am doing my best not to think about it, Olive is missing her sister but we are giving her lots of love and fuss.

I am going to move swiftly on it thats ok? So if you are a knitter then you probably know what Raverly is, there is a fun little challenge we will call it starting from tomorrow. For several years whenever the  is you challenge yourself as the athletes do to push yourself with your knitting. So you cast on at opening ceremony and have to have whatever you are doing done by closing. So you could try and knit a whole jumper, or loads of baby things, or a whole shawl. I am going for a bit of xmas/birthday knits, so thinking hats, mitts and things like that.

So here are a few things i am planning on making, i am also hoping to make bit of a dent in my stash.

So not unrealistic at all right? 

I am exciting to do some quick projects that i might stand a chance of finishing. Everything i knit lately seems to take ages.

I confess to having no interest at all in the Olympics but I'm exciting about the Ravellenics, you don't need to know how it was called Ravelympics and the bloodly American Olympic people made them change it (long story)

but there you go if you need me for the next couple of weeks i will be knitting these beauties.

If you are joining in let me know what you are planning on making


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