Sunday, 1 July 2012

The best of the rest!

Hello firstly i have some fabulous news to share, my friend Vic had her baby girl last night! She is called Violet and its beautiful, i haven't checked if she minds me posting a pic of her but i will check when i can. 
She went into labour on friday night, I was actually with her when she was having mild contractions but she didn't tell me. Things got worse throughout the night, she rang me about 1am to tell me she was def in labour, so i obviously couldn't sleep. Then about midnight last night i heard she was in the birthing pool. Then got a text at 4am to say Violet had been born! So yeh awesome news just blooming awesome. 

Its funny, because as you may have gathered my friends are having babies left right and centre but when you have know someone since they were 9 it just feels different.

Anyway on to other news, thanks so much for kind comments on the new job, i was worried it was a bit ranty but apparently not.

So i thought i would show you what else we got up to in Cockermouth last weekend. Was it really only last weekend? feels like a million years ago.

So here goes. 

After me and Nic had gone to the hotel to peel my sodden shoes and socks and jeans off, we headed back into the town to meet back up with Sharon and Leon.

We went out for a yummy chinese and then onto a cafe.

Yes it was still raining.

they both wore their matching richmond knitters tshirts which is the knitting group nic used to go to and sharon still goes to in Melbourne. 

Sharon has blogged some of her knitting tales from here holiday here

Breakfast next day was super yummy.

Nic took a pic of the hotel.

then the rain finally stopped and we went back to town

i spotted some identical old lady twins which were awesome. I love twins, they amaze me!

So yes about the rain, there was quite a lot!

lots and lots

After a walk up and down the high street we stopped in this funny little shop which was a tea shop but a aromatherapy shop. I had a nice cranberry drink and home made soup and did some knitting.

I had a mini hitchhiker photoshoot.

Then we said our goodbyes and headed home.

I headed to my Granny and Grandads to see this little guy

Say hi to tiny

geez i miss having a dog, i can't tell you how close we have come to getting one.

Next morning my dad gave me a lesson on how to cook poached eggs!

I went on a appointment with my mam and my biggest sis Helen to look at wedding flowers.

The sun popped his head out so i took my lunch in the garden.

While my mam hefted big pots around.

I then skeined some of my new yarn up

oohh pretty

pretty pretty

I then came home and started on some food for the week, well a couple of days, i normally make soup etc on a sunday (which i am about to do) by the end of the week i just have tins of beans lol

So there you go that was last weekend. 

It was pretty cool.

I shall say goodbye now as i have waffled enough and i need to start getting more exciting about meeting Violet!

See ya soon


hotpotato said...

Good luck for tomorrow.

Hannah2 said...

Hope it went ok yesterday and wasn't too stressful!

Hannah2 said...

Hope it went ok yesterday and it wasnt too stressful for you!


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