Saturday, 30 June 2012

End of a Era!

So today was the day I left my job! I cleared my locker out, took home Xmas cards, an insane amount of cutlery. And as much stationary as I could manage.

It was a odd day to say the least, I had arranged a leaving party for the night before which was fun and seemed to go down well with everyone.

I was sad and happy at the same time, sad for what our office once was and sad it can never be that again!

Happy to be getting away from all of the anger and bitterness everyone feels (myself included) about the whole situation we have been put in!

I'll be honest it's been a bloodly hard 4months at work!

I know very little about the new job I am going into on Monday, but I know I need a job, I have a wedding to pay for, a house, a car, 2 bunnies to feed, a pretty heavy addiction to yarn to fund!

I shall try and do my best and look forward to the future and hope for happier times in my job "on the other side"!

Rachel is now Out of the office!


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Little Miss S said...

It is always hard to leave a place of fond memories behind but now you have the potential to make even more at your new job. Good luck for Monday, I hope it is a lovely place for you to work. x

hotpotato said...

good luck on beginnings as they say.

Hayley said...

It's always a scary but brave step to move on to a new job and leaves friends behind, very best of luck!

Jude said...

All the very best for Monday. I always find starting a new job is both nerve-racking (am I going to like it, can I do it, will I get on with everyone?) and really exciting that a new chapter is about to start. Jude.x

Julia said...

Wishing you lots of luck in your new job xx

Jackie xxx said...

Good luck in your new job x


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