Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Woolfest 2012

Hello! How is everyone? So I have finally got around to blogging about Woolfest! I don't feel like i have stopped lately so here goes.

So i went home on thursday ready for a early morning to Woolfest.

So here is me and my sis, 7.30am

Right lets talk weather! I rained and rained and rained but not a little rain CRAZY rain crazy!! (more pics to follow)

But we arrived at Cockermouth and picked up Nicolas friend, Sharon who was visiting from Auz!

Sharon FYI is the fastest knitter in all of the land, check out her blog, seriously!

So we plodded through a VERY soggy car park/field

With soggy shoes and jeans we were in!

The gals had a go on the Ashfords i think its called

Sharon was particularly excited to meet Kate Davies.

this is a little snap shot of the lovely Laal Bears shop we may have all purchased something from her. 

random shot

I had my had on because it was stupid cold and so did sharon so we could spot each other easier.

Back to Kate Davies, Nic had gone back to the car to get me more layers, mainly my raincoat which became my best friend over the next couple of days!

oh i forget there name but man these buttons are fabby

after lunch, Leon, Sharons hubby joined us. FYI the most patient man on the planet!

This was sharon in Sparkle Duck, and no they were not trying to steal her hat lol

some sheeps!

So after we swam to the car, had a drink, me and nic went to our hotel to lay out goodies out!


yes i know i know! There is lots! But i had been selling everything on ebay so i could buy some lovely things. 

ah Cascade! This is hugely popular yarn in the US, and i have been after some for a while, this is from arm something Hens.

this is 600m of yumminess Im thinking another Clapotis but 4ply.

ah they lovely Laal Bear, not too sure what I'm doing with these, i loves them though.

this is yummy dk, no plans but pretty

this is aran, no plans but pretty

So the bundles were a great buy these were, I'm planning a jumper of some sorts. 

These too were a bargain and i have big plans for these, all aran.

So there you go, that was Woolfest 2012, yes it was wet and freezing but we still had a fab time. 

We got up to loads of other things but i will share that another day.

Lots going on in my little life at the min so will be back when i can slot it in lol

Thanks for calling by

Rach x


Little Miss S said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh MY!! I love your new yarn. It is beautiful! Looks like you had a lovely, lovely time scouting out new yarn with fellow yarn o'holics! :) Mmmmmmm it makes my yarn buying paws itchy and gets my creative desires flowing.... can't wait to see what you knit with these. I love your blog and beautiful knitting.

Gertie said...

Looks like you had a great time and I'm very very jealous!!

Cascades is a great wool. knits up lovely.



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