Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mini southern Non Hen Do!

So a couple of weeks ago my chum Hannah text me asking if i would like some free first class train tickets to london! Erm yes please! So after a quick Whats App convo I arranged to meet up with a few of my southern gal pals. They attempted to freak me out by saying it would be a mini hen do and they were going to do all sorts of hen do games which would make me cry and cry!

Thankfully there wasn't a L plate in site. So this is what we got up to. 

Early train from Leeds, funnily enough i was texting my chum heather as i knew she was travelling early saturday too and turns out we were on the same train! Shame we found this out as we were approaching her stop!

oh yeah!

bit of knitting!

So i met with Shimelle, who is taking the photos at our wedding to talk through some stuff. 

We were joined shortly after by Jen, Laura and gorgeous Abi

I love this photo, they were all plotting where we were going next and i literally said turn around and they all posed! Lol these scrappers what are they like!

bit of walking

bit of paper chase. Sj was supposed to join us but badly hurt her ankle on the friday so bailed! Shim was also supposed to spend the day but someone (who shall remain nameless) got his dates wrong!

bit of tube stuff

some gorgeous baby smiles, gorgeous girl!

We went to a yummy burger bar in Covent Garden

we did more tube stuff 

Then to a Japanese photobooth, i would have never have found this without a 'londoners' help!

Laura who is a huge fan of the baby sling, let me have a go! It was jolly fun and so much more practical in central london than a pushchair. It all went well for like 15 mins with abi playing with my necklace and trying to get my earrings (rookie mistake) then she leaned back and looked up and figured out i wasn't her mama, poor little thing! But this was her first time with someone other than her mum and dad carrying her so i thought she did very well. 

then we went around a few shops and went back to Covent Garden where they all had cup cakes and Abi played with a bottle! lol

As Jen and Sally had trains booked later and it was only 5pm we headed to Kings Cross where we sat and had a drink and talked and talked and talked, i think we were there 3 hours. 

it sure was pretty

After the gals went, i hot footed on a train with Leanne, where we talked and talked and talked some more.

I hung out with Leannes lovely family on sat night, and did a spot of knitting. 

Sunday morning i hopped back on some trains to kings cross, i got there super early and watched the world go by.

Platform 9 3/4 i always wondered where that was lol

the trains were all badly delayed on sunday morning, so i went to the first class lounge (as you do) and hung out there for a couple of hours and knit and read my book.

Thankfully my train was only about 10 mins late so i got settle with my book and my knitting and had a jolly nice journey home.

So there you go a fab impromptu visit, all thanks to my chum Hannah! Train tickets are so pricey there is no way i could have afforded this otherwise. But man I'm glad i did, so next time i see these gals will be at my wedding! Wowzers.

Speaking of which, I am off up home tomorrow for a wedding hair trail. Its 10.30 and i still haven't figured what i want. On friday i am off to Woolfest! With my sis in the Lakes and meeting up with her auzzie knitting pal Sharon for some lovely knitty fun! Hoping it doesn't rain too much coz man these ladies do not like the cold/ rain/ hail/ etc etc

then out for a meal and a nice night in a hotel, before more pottering in the Lakes home to see my godson and chill at my folks then a flower appointment on sunday!

So packed weekend again!

Cant wait.

Right thats all for now

Catch ya Laters

Rachel xx

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Julia said...

Looks like a fun weekend Rachel - you sure do pack a lot into them! I like the look of that Japanese photo booth. I need to find that next time I'm in London!


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