Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Life is life

Hi conscience I haven't blogged for a bit so here is some random goings on!

Someone at work brought me a San Fran map in, in prep for my honeymoon! Safe to say I was distracted the rest of the day

I worked on my summer jumper, shame summer vanished!

I spent a lovely Friday night with these guys

I took myself off to town early early on Saturday morning

I made soup

I worked on such secret projects they had to be made black and white

I had Nat and Naomi round for knit night

I randomly started a blanket for my granddad 80th in November!

I started a little something

I packed a million eBay things and then missed the local post office by ten mins resulting in a long stressful trip to the city centre one on monday

Rob returned from his friends stag do and did not move all night

I may have watched a Xmas film or two

I worked on my hitchhiker

I went venue hunting for my works leaving do

I sat and knit and read on my lunch hour

I went on a walk/ jog with my lovely neighbour Jess and talked weddings

I willed the weather to improve for my trip to London this weekend to see my southern gal pals!

And that's it!

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