Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I is what I is!

I admit, knitting is a HUGE part of my life, like HUGE. I love it, i think i am a bit obsessed, I love that i am make my own clothes, and make my friends things, and their babies things. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

So this weekend we got 2 bonus days off for the Jubliee, Rob was working most of it so i pretty much just sat and knit and listened to podcasts, i have to say i really enjoyed it.

I love having Rob at home but he isn't much of a sitter he likes to be doing things.

So I listen to this podcast called the Commuter Knitter (i must do a post about all the new podcasts i listen to) and in their group on Ravelry they are trying to finish a long outstanding WIP.

For me its this Laika! I started it in August 2011 like seriously!!

So i started knitting on this last week and only knit on this for like 4 days, this is really unlike me, but i knit and knit and knit.

on Saturday Rob was off so we went to a couple of shops to get his wedding shirt, so i knit on a simple baby hat in the car on the way.

Sat night my sis came by briefly, earlier that day i had been knitting on my wedding shawl and the ball was in a huge tangle, so she unravelled it and now its fixed yay thanks sis!

I continued with Laika

Finally on Sunday or was it Monday i finished the body, this has been a long time coming

yes i sent the pics to rob while he was at work coz i was so excited. After a long time I'm feeling excited about this again, I have started the sleeves, so long sleeves, magic loop in a fiddly stitch pattern, so i will try.

i caved a little after i got to the sleeves, and started knitting on a little baby item. I made loads of progress.

I then went back to the baby hat and got that finished, as i needed the needles for something else.

Tiny sneak peak of this item which has totally stolen my attention. 

Then yesterday i picked up my Summer Jumper i was desperate to get the sleeves tied off then i would get rid of a good 80 stitches. 

See it looks like a something yay.

So yes a bit obsessive but i don't care, with being sick too i have been off a while now and not been bored for one minute, i don't quite understand how people can be bored.

Rob is away on a stag do this weekend all weekend so yes Im gonna sit and knit again, coz thats just what i do.

Rachel x

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