Saturday, 2 June 2012

A couple of weeks in the life

Of me, just some random photos of what I've been up to.

I seem to spend most of my day chopping veg, thankfully i have this handy chopper from Pampered Chef, its awesome, its a pain to clean but wow does it chop!

so last week at work we had a Olympic week which meant lots of food, yes i baked and ate none of it!

Elijah got a accidental haircut, apparently they asked for a trim but cut all his curls, Mamma is gutted but man he looks cute. 

We had the car in for its MOT last week so i had to get the bus home, safe to say i am not used to this anymore and it was horrid, i had to walk 20mins to get to the bus, i had to wait 20 mins for it to arrive and then 25mins on a packed hot bus. Super!

I got the latest issue of the SW magazine, lots of great stories and recipes to try

not sure if i mentioned this before, but paperchase now do refills, i have tons of old pens lying in draws that i can bring back to life yay!

Rob had a couple of days off in the week to make up for working 2 weekends in a row (ggrr) and sent me this lovely pic of my girls sunning it up.

The lovely Fran came round last wednesday, she is off to Australia tomorrow for a whole year, so she is very sadly missing my wedding which I'm gutted about but she will have a awesome time, I'm more than jealous.

yes she does look that good even when skipping 

so had some bunny cuddles/scratches

Rob played with Millie

i baked Quiche muffins.

So the work Olympics took place, team morale and all that!

was good fun though.

i did a crazy amount of crochet in one day, despite being at work.

this much actually!

i bought yet more veg and healthy things, yes I'm loosing weight but I'm loosing money faster!

Sunday after the baby shower i just sat in the garden on my own (rob was working) listening to podcasts to drown my noisy neighbours out, did a bit of knitting and reading.

See this is my summer shrug, i nearly died in the baking heat, yes 26 degrees is baking so retreated under the parasol.

i read a bit of my new book, 

Vic came round later while i uploaded baby shower photos.

Then Rob came home yay!

Monday was still gorgeous so i took myself to the park on my lunch hour

see 23 just ignore the rain, it didn't rain.

worked on my shrug sleeves

hung out with the bunnies in the tiny bit of sunshine which was left when we got in from work.

tuesday i posted out some more invites.

And thats it, i have been sick for the rest of the week with a stupid cold, rob had/has it too, so not sleeping can't breathe you know all the fun things you expect in 'summer' and no not hay fever.

Right so thats what has been going on with me.

I hope you enjoy the long long weekend if you are in the UK, i don't really have any plans

however i did pick up this again.

Laika by Ysolda, i started this last summer, August actually which is terrible, its a gorgeous pattern and i can't wait for it to be finished so this weekend i will try and put a serious dent in this.

Have a good one

Rachel x

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