Sunday, 3 June 2012

Baby Knits

As you have probably gathered i knit a lot of baby things, like lots! I haven't had the madness of 14 babies in one year thankfully (2010) but i have a fair few coming/been this year.

So my main focus has been for Vics baby she is due in just under 4 weeks.

So being a summer baby i was a bit thrown, so i have tried to do things a couple of sizes up, the baby also has a grandma knitting for her so this baby has a crazy amount of knits seriously.

So my main go to these days seems to be the Granny Stripe blanket  I am on my 5th of this year, they are quick and easy and its fun picking colours. Though Vic picked the colour for this one, her pram is purple so this kinda matches without being too matchy matchy!

I tend to start baby blankets with a chain 99.

ah here is one of my blankets in action, all snuggled up with the gorgeous Archie

This is a new pattern i tried, i mentioned it the other day, i started it when scrapping with Jen.

This is Magic Coffee baby hat this is a cute quick hat knit in the round (obvs) and is crazy cute, i did the 2nd size though it does look quite small. Saying that i knit a hat for Lauras baby girl at christmas for 3 mths size and it still fits her now.

the hat barely took up any yarn (sirdar recycled aran)

so i did another one, this time with a roll brim and various different stripes.

just as cute, i also have enough yarn to do another so i am on with that now.

This next one had been on my list forever!!

Duffle Coat by Debbie Bliss i got this pattern out of a library book and copied it a million times and gave it to everyone i know who knits, its knit flat which is a bit of a pain and its a LOT of garter stitch, like loads, i thought i might loose my mind when i was knitting the hood.

This is 3-6 months i think, though looks pretty big, its super cute and I'm sure i will knit another.

this i shared with you before but is one of my favourites, ah ok it is my favourite.

Sweet Bunting I don't normally pay for patterns but i couldn't resist this one.

I used style craft in cute colours, i love it, its again a bigger size but so cute.

Something i knit ages ago is this Elephant. 

I'd knit one before for my friends little girl (who is going to be my flower girl) and loved the pattern, the feet are a pain but it is worth it when its done.

Cute right?

This is my new go to pattern, i have made a few already this year.

this is a cute quick knit in aran, it knits up quite small, this is a 0-6 months but its pretty tiny, so i might go up a needle size in the future. 

So there you go lots of girly knitting, its much easier when you know if its going to be a girl or a boy.

So some other knits i have in the pipeline for the rest of the babies are these.

See why i always have so many things on the needles??

Hope this post has been useful if you are thinking of making some baby items.

Thanks for reading

Rachel x

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heather said...

Everything you made for the baby is adorable, but I really love the striped hat and that granny stripe blanket is wonderful. The colors remind me of neopolitan ice cream! Love that combo.


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