Sunday, 27 May 2012


Sorry its been so long, had a busy week, so i thought i would swing by and share some photos from last weekend when the lovely Jen came to visit.

Jen likes to crochet too so we spent a lovely friday night nattering and hooking and watching tv

One thing you should know about Jen is she is super tidy, one you should know about me, i am not!

on saturday we headed into town to look at a bit of fabric in the market.

oh and a bit of paper chase

there may have been shoe shopping

oh we spotted these cute bags for life in BHS so we both picked on up, I've been using it for my crochet all week.

tiny bit of Cath Kidston

then home to a very empty table to scrap on

i discovered Samantha Who is on Netflicks and got very excited

then we photographed our haul

new egg cups, some cute Married in 2012 postcards which I'm planning on framing.

tiny bit of new yarn

a cute bowl to use at work

and general loveliness

oh yes fabric and pens too.
Its been a long time since i have been shopping so it was really nice to have someone to go with.

then we sat and scrapped and made our way through these!

we were hooked, we decided after 3 that we had to skip a few as knew we couldn't fit them all in.

when rob came home he brought my parcel, some fancy face wash to get my skin in tip top shape for the wedding.

i may have started a small hat

then we noticed how sunny the coming week was going to be

Geez knitting and scrapping, what more could you want?

love this yarn, but more on that another day

On sunday i made a risotto for lunch

and finally finished a page, i had done my April Doc 2012 pages the day before, I'm not that slow lol

so this is when Elijah came to visit and we went to Tropical World

So there you go, i have been busy this week to, particularly yesterday when i went to Vics baby shower, i have stacks of photos but for now i am going out to sit in the garden and oh thats it, just sit.

Hope you are enjoying the sun, wear sun tan lotion please.

Thanks for calling by

Rach x

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Rachael Elliott said...

Looks like you had a great weekend together! Love your page :)


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