Monday, 28 May 2012


Is not a secret I have a lot of wool/yarn whatever you want to call it. Having recently bought a house then promptly started to learn to drive oh yeah and saving for a wedding, I don't exactly have a lot of cash to splash!

That which I do 'splash' is rarely for me take my purchases this month!

Last weekend I started a hat in yarn, it's cotton actually I bought a few months ago. I loved it when I got it, but there it sat all unloved with the other mountain of wool!

But I decided I could fit in a quick baby hat before my friends baby shower.

-This yarn is scrummy, it's Sirdar, recycled Aran cotton!

I loved these little hats and how quick they were knitting up, so I looked what other colours they did and dare I say bought a little!

All the colours go really well, so yes I bought it but it's not for me as such!

However I also happened to bought a tiny bit of stylecraft aran! I have my eye on a cardi and didn't have the right colours

These arent expensive yarns by any means, but with all the saving that's been/continues to go on I do feel naughty!

Oh well back on the yarn diet I guess!!

But it does looks pretty right?

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Nicola said...

What happened to a yarn diet till woolfest??!


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