Saturday, 19 May 2012


Hello, I thought i would swing by this soggy saturday morning and show you a few pics of the things i have been knitting, I have cast on a bunch of new things so nothing is really getting my full attention so many many things on the needles.

I can't remember what i have shared and what i haven't so anyway i will just jump right in.

This is my Summer Shrug, i appear to focus on one project for a little bit and make good progress and then kinda abandon it.

So last week it was this shrug.

Its looking really good, now i need to pick up like 278 stitches and knit 2 inches of rib! which is why it has kinda stopped, then the sleeves and its done, really why aren't i working on this??

Next up, this was my focus last weekend, i knit on it quite a bit.

This is a cute pattern, i slowing got the hang of this pattern, then last sunday, i started knitting on it at like 3pm, it got to about 7pm and it started to look a bit funny, a desperate tweet and a email to the twitter and it appeared my pattern was off by one!

But the pattern is such that one stitch had thrown my whole pattern off, i then spend the next 3 hours tinking back, tinkling is like ripping it out stitch by stitch which is why it took 3 hours.

By 10pm i was back where i started at 3pm! I was very grumpy which i normally am on a sunday night, i then stayed up for the next 2 hours to get back to where i was.

This weeks mini focus was my Owl sleeves, i worked the body pretty quick the week before last but this week i was all about the sleeves.

I knit on the way to work, the whole 15min i have in the car, on my lunch and while i wait for rob after work and in the evening, i got a sleeve done a day so that was great.

Dull but great.

I managed to get it joined in the round, so it got to this point and then kinda halted again lol.

Ive been working on a tiny red number which i can't link to coz its a surprise but this is my go to easy project.

I've been knitting on Vics baby blanket too which i have been picking up every now and again but i made quite good progress on last night.

I had this pattern on my queue for ages

I started and finished it one sunny weekend, still not blocked and no button yet but i shall get to that soon.

So this weekend my knitting plans are.

a bit more work on my Owls jumper
pick up the million stitches on my summer shrug
cast on a baby hat
work on the baby blanket.

I also have my lovely friend Jen visiting this weekend so we have lots of hooking fun and today we are off into town for a few bits then back for some scrappy fun and lots and lots of Harry Potter films!

So in other news my friend Becky had her baby this week, i blogged about cute things i was sending her but this is Archie.

He is crazy cute, this is him in a cardi my mam made for him actually cute.

and this is him in the one i made for him.

He is so cute. 

Right I'm gonna do a bit of 'tricky' knitting before Jen gets up.

Hope you have a nice weekend all 

Rach xx

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