Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Seriously all i talk about these days is food, this is mainly at work, or when i get in. I mentioned before that i am doing Slimming World, so thought i would give you a update and let you know what I've been making. I have been loosing kind of slowly a pound here, half there, which given how much 'work' i have been putting into feels a wee bit disappointing but at least its a loss or so people keep telling me.

So this past week i felt i had really naf lunches, normally i make enough dinner to do my lunch for the next day, so although i wasn't being naughty they were naf. So this weekend when i actually had time to cook properly, i went to a link that Kazzy had recommend and it was Slimming Eats.

I have been hooked on this site all weekend, it has some great ideas, i was finding was just doing chicken, mushroom, courgette, onion, pepper with pasta like all the time and it was getting a bit dull. So this is what i have made this weekend.

So first up I had to use my slow cooker this weekend, I've had it nearly a month but hadn't got around to using it, i wanted to be home for the first go so on saturday i tried it.

i chopped my usual veg browning them first as i was told i had to and same with the steak i used.

added some beef stock and left it for about 8 hours or so.

i added some mash and it was blooming yummy

this would be awesome to after being at work all day.

my kitchen looked like a bomb had gone off already.

I made a simple Tuna Pasta Bake for lunch and had it for lunch the next day

On sunday i went for something different, i always had it in my had i didn't like quiche but i thought i would give it a try.

i used my cheese as a healthy A if anyone is doing SW

and there you go, it came out pretty well, i had a bit at work the next day, its too cheesy for rob (he doesn't like cheese) so i have quite a bit left.

For dinner on sunday i went for the Salmon and Leek bake,

these are all simple recipes but just nice to look on the website and just pick something, knowing these days i will probably have more of the ingredients.

This was equally yummy with lots of left overs which are perfect for lunch.

Right I had best get off to my weekly meeting, if i loose one more pound i will have go to 1/2 stone and i will be well chuffed.

Fingers Crossed.

As ever if you have links or ideas to share please get in touch

Rach x


Kazzy said...

Stick with it Rachel...you are doing well. I've been doing slimming world since January and lost 1 stone 8lb so far - so it will come off! Glad you liked the slimming eats site I told you about...some great receipes there (the chicken dupiaza is fab!) The key is planning meals I think - that works for me anyway! Stick with it kiddo you are doing great! x

Kazzy said...

Hey Rachel you are doing great! Glad you liked the slimming eats blog I told you about...the chicken dupiaza on there if fab!
I find that I need to meal plan for a week at a time to make me stick to it - it's working well so far I've lost 1stone 8lb....keep going you are doing fab!

Gem's Crafts said...

Oooh the salmon and leek bake looks yummy, please could you share the recipe? And have you tried making your own risotto? It's really easy and tasty too!

Libby said...

Great to hear your doing well with the program. They do say it's best to lose weight slowly as you're much more likely to keep it off. Those meals looks so yummy. I've always loved British food. I checked out that website and there's lot of yummy vegetarian meals I've got marked to try. Thanks.


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