Monday, 14 May 2012


So I confess I am struggling to scrap lately, i go to i really do, i even sat at my desk on saturday afternoon then got up and ran back downstairs to knit. The pull of knitting is just pulling me too much, I do feel guilty and worry about not blogging about scrapbooking much anymore but you know, what can i do?

Knitting is so portable and not nearly as messy, they have their own merits of course but currently, with lots of my good friends having babies and the temptation of wanting to start something new pulling me in, i am powerless to resist.

So on sunday i finally got around to doing my feb doc 2012 pages, i haven't photographed them but while i was sat at my desk i managed a couple of pages.

I didn't have a huge amount of March photos but i love the ones i had.

My little family, my guy and my gorgeous bunnies, this photo go them all is the one i have when Rob rings me and it always makes me smile.

Just a few soppy pics we took at your 'we've been engaged a year day'

So there you go thats all i have managed lately.

i will photograph my March 2012 pics, i have some more photos on the way thanks to lovely Natalie who let me have some of her print credits before they ran out on photobox last night yay!

Right i have some knitting to do lol

thanks for calling

Rach x


Emily said...

I'm happy to see whatever you are creating whether it be something knitted or a scrapbooking project! Love the layouts! When is the wedding planned for?

Libby said...

I've been a bit hit and miss with my scrapbooking. Did quite well last week, this week nothing... even sitting at my desk for an hour looking at photos. I do have an order for 2012 photos coming in soon so hopefully that might ignite my inspiration. I think I put too much pressure on myself instead of just enjoying it. Love your layouts as always. I've not been knitting or crocheting either - too much time watching youtube videos or planning our disneyworld trip :-).


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