Wednesday, 28 March 2012

WIP Knitting

Hi all, i thought i would stop by on this sunny day to show you a bit more of what i had been knitting.

I've mentioned Lauriel a million times and have been working on it none stop.

These leaves are so cute but man they are a right pain to do.

I did a tiny bit of a baby hoody for my friends baby, this is taking a while too but you know!

so this is Lauriel all laid flat.

oh and this, this stupid thing, I've spoken about it before, when i knit the whole thing and it could have fit 4 people in so frogged and started again, basically i did a new back and a side but I'm not feeling it so started to frog it.

40 mins later i got sick of that, the yarn is very hard to unravel, think it may sadly have to go in the bin.

however Millie did like it.

So this was sunday afternoon when i was still doing the twisted rib.

Monday and a very sunny lunch time of finishing off the rib. And cast off after work.

Tuesday, i sat and started the sleeves, seriously why do cardigans need sleeves? I'm dying to finish this to start something else but trying to keep going.

Im really hoping to have this done by Easter weekend.

So there you go thats what I'm working on all the time, its getting a bit heavy to knit on with this crazy warm weather we are having.

Right off to knit some more etc


Rachel x

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