Sunday, 1 April 2012

Scrapping saturday

Hi all, been meaning to post these photos all week but have been super busy, so last saturday some of my friends came round for a little bit of playing with paper, we all play with wool too but today it was all about paper.

So we have a pretty big kitchen so I cleared the kitchen table.

then as i was going to add my scrappy table i had to clear this too.

To get it down the stairs i had to take off the legs!

but alas it looked great and everyone had lots of room.

I got the mugs out ready for these tea drinkers to arrive.

So who was there, well me, Jenny, Emma, Sally, Leanne & Natalie.

Jenny and Emma came all the way from Lancashire, Sally from Nottingham and Leanne all the way from London. Nats is from Leeds so for once she was nearest lol.

Jenny brought her gorgeous baby boy Jack who was as good as gold, here he is being cute in his little tin bird blanket lol

theres a baby in my hall lol

So as mentioned Leanne had come to Leeds, I have been trying to get her to Leeds for the longest time, she needs to stay longer next time.

so hard at work!

So we popped in the garden for a few photos were weren't instagrams lol

Jenny and Emma hanging with Jack.

Me, Jenny and Jack

leanne, Sally, Jenny, Emma, Natalie and me

me n nats

emma and jenny

me and leanne

and then they were gone!

I confess to getting next to nothing done, i did 2 pages but I'm not loving them, however i scrapped loads this morning so i shall share soon.

Hope you have had a nice weekend, only a 4 day week for most of us next week yippee!

Thanks for stopping by

Rach x


teacakemake said...

Looks like you had a lovely time Rachel! x

Jackie xxx said...

Yah!! to scrapping with friends. Looks like you all had a fab time. x


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