Sunday, 25 March 2012

Cold Sheep

Hello all, sorry I have vanished all week, i have had frankly a pretty horrid week so not really felt like blogging but because of this said bad week resulted in this post.

So as you know i passed my driving test last month, I had been learning to drive for nearly a year and this month was my first pay day without having to hand over 100s of pounds to get told what to do.

So that combined with my icky week resulting in a tiny weeny bit of shopping.

Now I know have a lot of wool (see here)

but i happened to stumble across a really good sale, I have been knitting on my Lauriel for a couple of months now and loving the Sublime yarn. So when i saw this sale at Black Sheep Wools, i kinda jumped on it. 
So i rarely buy wool without a purpose, i like to have a pattern all ready so i needed some patterns to go with my wool.

This went in my queue on Ravelry in June 2011 and i have finally bought the pattern, i love it and can't wait to make it.

So as its such a nice cardigan it needed a nice yarn so i got this

Its in the colour Smooch which i think is great, its a really nice pink colour bright but not crazy.

This one is a new find and by find i mean there was someone wearing it at the Knit Studio and i thought it looked really cute. Not my usual style but hers looked really good, so i did what any normal person would do, i found her project on ravelry and copied the yarn/colour everything etc

So what i got for this was....

Baby Cotton Kapok imagine my delight when it was on the super cheap section from Black Sheep.

I bought this pattern ages ago and its gorgeous but i just hadn't got around to knitting it or sorting yarn so this was my plan, i wanted something with cotton in it, i was worried too many of my hand knits were red so i went for this.

Rico Cotton, but when it arrived it was one of those shiny cottons and that wasn't really what i was going for so this will need a new project.

So i actually ordered the red, the pink and the green on like monday night.

this arrived wednesday morning so very quickly.

Then i got to thinking, hhmm i don't much like that green for my Judith Shrug and they are such good prices and you know i deserve a treat so i went back for this

Mashed Banana which is the same yarn i got for the Not your Boyfriend Sweater, its the perfect neutral colour to go with lots of things in my wardrobe for the shrug.

So i ummed and ahhed for a while about getting anymore yarn, i know i had bought a lot but prices like this don't exactly come along very often so off i go back to my queue and see this.

 Soay- Gudrun Johnston

I have been waiting to make this for a million years, seriously!

Its perfect for the Spring/Summer so i bought the pattern, now i needed yarn so i went for this

this is Sublime Bamboo and Pearls in Saffron i believe, i thought it was a lovely spring colour.

yummy right??

So yes that is a lot of patterns, wool etc but something else caught my eye

This is obviously not a summer knit but it is a Chunky knit, and i now i had a lot of chunky yarn in my stash (not that i didn't have lots of dk either but hey you only live once).

So i had a look and i found this, Wendy Mode Chunky in Purple, i had a few balls from a project that i ended up frogging and its really nice, but i didn't quite have enough, so i got 2 more balls from Baa Ram Ewe. So thats kinda being good right?

So i almost daren't tell you about what i may have got when i was home last weekend, I was in bed minding my own business, when my lovely friend Leanne posted on twitter that Yarn to Knit had a offer that for one day only, mothers day as it happened, all their yarns were 50% off! 50%!!!

Like wow so can't resist a bargain, so i got to looking and lots had gone because of the deal but i got these beauties for like £6 each! One is a tweed 4ply and the other a dk. They had arrived by tuesday morning so again a really good quick service.

I don't have projects in mind just yet but i have lots of shawls in my queue that would be perfect.

So there you have it, bit of a naughty week but seriously sublime for £2 instead of £5.50, i very rarely buy 'fancy' yarn, most of my stash is acrylic or a mix and I'm fine with that but every now and again we deserve a treat right??

So yes hence the title ' Cold Sheep'  that is it now!! Official Yarn diet, i have plenty of everything and anything i may need, these knits are going to keep me going for well ever!

I hope you liked seeing what i have planned, what are you planning on making for Spring?

Thanks for stopping by.

Rachel x

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Jude said...

"Tiny, weeny, bit of shopping"????? LOL But loving your choices of patterns and yarns - especially the mashed banana! :-) Happy Knitting. Jude.x


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