Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Up North

So this past weekend, I got in my little car and drove ALL ALONE up to my parents house, its not that far but still motorways are scary as are horrid impatient drivers but i made it. I haven't been home all weekend on my own for ages, its always a mad dash to fit everything in but worth it.

I headed to see my grandparents with my sis and meet their new dog Tiny he's lush!

Next morning we got up stupid early for a saturday and headed to Newcastle.

Im pretty chuffed with this photo, yes we pulled in but still.

Ive not been to Newcastle for ages maybe 2002/03

So my sis goes every week to Pilates to help her dodgy back, so i hung out in Cafe Nero, listened to some podcasts and did some knitting while sitting with my hot choc in the sun.

Then i decided i had been there a bit long so headed to the class to wait for her and read my 'book'

After class we drove into Newcastle and headed to the Knit Studio my sis has been a few times but it was my first time.

It was huge and there was loads of people there and loads of yarn.


I worked on my Lauriel all day.

see, its actually starting to look like a something, thank the lord!

my sis was working on some socks and we sat and hung out and chatted all day, i met Aimiee (don't know which way she spells it) from Knit Spin Cake  who was lovely and her lovely mam.

The studio is in a really tucked away place we were only a few minutes from Eldon Square if you know Newcastle at all.

this is the actual building which again you wouldn't know what it was unless you knew where you were going.

we sat all day and looked at the lovely wool

some of my sisters friends from her local knit night came and it was nice to meet them.

they had tons of books and loads of fabric too.

i may have bought one tiny ball of yarn


                 Lang Yarns Mille Colori Socks & Lace

oh sorry copied that from Ravelry, i haven't heard of this Lang make before but they had loads.

We headed home after about 5 hours and called in on our big sis where she gave me this.

its seriously cute and very me!

We had our usual (for home) saturday night and all hung out together, which we don't do too often.

I sat and did some more of my Lauriel.

On sunday I headed to my friends house as she is designing our wedding stationary, i got to see them all in real life, it was very exciting and they look awesome, here is just a peek for now.

I got a text from my girls wishing my a happy bunny mummy day! cute!

We all went out for mothers day for a yummy meal.

I had a pretty horrid journey back home as the car was playing up, not exactly what you want on one of your first trips on your own and your very first on the motorway! Anway long story short, I'm ok but had to be rescued and have a very large drink.

Our little car is all fixed now after going to the garage.

So there you go pretty fab weekend with a scary end.

I can't wait to go back to the knit studio and hang out, if you are in the area you should check it out.

Thanks for stopping by

Rachel xx


Heather said...

the lovely yarn shop here sells Lang, they have loads. It's lovely, my mum's used some for a Boneyard shawl and I knitted half a mitten when I was at home. I haven't taken you to that shop yet, I am saving it for your next visit :-)

Nicola said...

It was such a fun weekend! When are you coming back sissy? xx

Libby said...

I was reading along thinking what a lovely weekend and how wonderful for you having the freedom of driving. I can't imagine not driving and think it's great you finally got your license (so many people are afraid to as they get older). Oops, about the problems on the way home. Hope you haven't been scared off driving :-(


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