Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sweeping the clouds away

We have been having some really sunny days here in the UK lately that make us all slightly excited that Spring may just arrive one day!

So saturday, Rob got up early well 9! and did some DIY type jobs.

I however as it was sunny but only at the front of the house, stayed in bed! All morning listening to podcasts and knitting on my Lauriel all morning! It was awesome!

Once the sun had moved i moved to the living room lol

I then took myself out on my very first drive on my own! I went to Tesco of all blooming places!

In the evening i went to my friends house for a bit of a catch up!

Sunday was super super sunny, so Vic popped to mine (she lives like round the corner) for some hen do talk! Geez these are working out to be a bother to plan!

i got a bit of washing on the line for the first time this year!

When she went i got back to my Lauriel, i swear i worked on it all weekend!

I started on Vics baby blanket the other day too but haven't done anything since, she picked the colours out, cute huh!

back inside and more Lauriel!

Monday we were off work and WOW look at that sky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob was doing a great job of painting the fence, where as i dragged the foot rest out on the front and did a spot of knitting.

i did make a spot of lunch for us both!

I had a bit of a break from blooming Lauriel and did some baby knitting!

we took some pics of our cute flowers!

The sun moved round the back so off i went to the back. 

i was then dragged pretty much kicking and screaming out of the sun and to blooming b&q!

we made it to Asda too for a yummy pizza as we were on holiday!

tuesday, you know we went to the park and that was about it other than a motorway lesson.

and this is the amount of 'paper crafting' i got done (i hate the phrase paper crafting)

Back to work wednesday and did some other baby knitting at lunch

and more in the evening, with a little fluffy for company.

so there you go thats whats been going on with me.

Lets hope for some more sun soon

Rach x

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