Monday, 20 February 2012

Life photos

Hi all, so thought i would stop by and share some random photos.

I finally cleared off my old desk, I've been meaning to put this on gumtree but not got around to it.

We have a week off next week (after this week) so time to get stuff sorted.

bit of weekend chilling out

frantically trying to find a photo booth for the wedding thats not a million pounds, turns out not really possible

I had a snowy walk to work

and admired a nice view from my house

i had a pick a mix to jolly up my crappy week

i went to my friends to celebrate her birthday

i bought some daffs

i tried a new Yankee Candle- its nice!

i started a new baby blanket

i had some cuddles with Wilma

We had more birthday celebrations when my family came for bridesmaid shopping (more later)

we went out for a birthday meal

had left over birthday cake

i sat and watched films and did some knitting

i did some scrapping

worked on my blanket

had a quiet night in for valentines, this is robs pressie

oh and cookies

i hung out with the bunnies

caught up with friends on my lunch

bought 3 new tops

got a gorgeous picture message from Elijah

I went baby shopping with my friend

fell for some gorgeous new knits

had quiet cuddles with wilma during a oddly quiet moment for her

so there you go, thats what I've been up to lately.

I have some knitting things to share soon, some weekend photos, some scrapping.

Thanks for checking in 

rachel x

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